Joe Rogan on Cigarette Addiction

Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell talk about cigarette addiction and the tobacco industry. From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, JRE #1137. Full podcast …


  1. I had 3c testicular cancer. I'm pretty sure my balls weren't smoking. You can get cancer from anything. Breathing in the smog in LA. Drinking diet coke. Eating healthy foods or bad food. CHEMOTHERAPY saved my life. I'm still alive 8 years later. If Joe has a another answer to kicking cancers ass than I'll kiss his ass. Fucking dickhead

  2. KARMA? Getting cancer not getting cancer as a smoker is nothing but chance and genes, plenty of old as dirt smokers and plenty of young people dying from it, its nothing but chance

  3. I used to smoke. Now I vape. However What I dont understand is why people always assume smokers dont know about cancer. Like bitch u dont think I already know that? I smoke because I enjoy it. People drink alcohol and its just as fucking harmful. But ive never experienced some one coming up to me and saying "you know, drinking alcohol is bad for u and if u do it enough u could get liver cirrhosis and/or liver cancer" yet its true drinking IS bad. And also u can plant as many gym "seeds" as u want or whatever and still die from an accident or something else.

  4. Joe, food can cause cancer. Water can cause cancer… it's easy to place blame on something you don't agree with. It isn't healthy I agree, but you can get cancer from anything bro

  5. But weed is harmless. All other leaves when burned break down to multiple compounds among which hundreds of types of free radicals, mostly carcinogenic, but weed is magical. It is a fantastic exception of the laws of chemistry and biology. Thank god for weed.

  6. Being a smoker for 6 years before quitting, it was without a doubt the hardest thing to quit. However the thing that made me the most upset were the "just throw away your pack" people. They always pissed me off haha.

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