Jeff Sessions ENDS Legal Marijuana?! | What does it mean?!

Jeff Sessions reversed a marijuana memo originally put in place by the Obama administration today. It allows federal agencies to prosecute people for smoking, …


  1. I don't think Sessions is being taken very seriously by the states. The important point is that the Federal prohibition has always been UNCONSTITUTIONAL under the Tenth Amendment. Flood social media with the fact. The Eighteenth Amendment was required to outlaw booze, back when even Congress and the courts understood what the Constitution meant. Sessions's talk of "the rule of law" here is complete hypocrisy, as well as benighted stupidity.

  2. Jeff Sessions is a total ass who knows nothing about marijuana to begin with your nonsense is only going to have tons of illegal sales the government won't make nothing from it people are going to smoke no matter done.

  3. If what he wants is to get major cities destroyed by riots, then start busting for pot again. The people of Denver would burn the city to the ground – probably on 4/20 at 4:20 – and plain destroy the city, if they allow them to get away with it. They riot for fun when the broncos win the Super Bowl.


  5. I say plant seeds everywhere!! Let it grow wild!! Better air then there would be no crime over it and no expense!! Parents watch your children. Rather children get into it over any other drug out there!! Over pills over cigarettes and alcohol. Do these morons really think keeping it illegal it's gonna stop it or prevent anyone including kids from getting a hold of it!! Hell no it's not!! If they can get the rest of the poison they can surely get this! I am not giving a penny to licensing they just step on your rights anyway!! Disabled people on limited income can't afford it let alone more fees and costs!!! Plant it grow it clip it dry it, enjoy it!! Get the relief it provides!! My body is a wreck from so many injuries and I'm tired of waiting and hurting tired of being broke!! Mentally physically and financially!! Oil, butter, bake it or burn it!!!make American great again heck make the World good again!!! Good people don't agree with or support Sen. Jeff!! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒณgrow it!!!

  6. Language or not I know God/Jesus would agree with you here!! I do!!! Like everyone else every body deserves forgiveness when and if they repent and apologize but until they do if they ever do I'll pray for him but don't care to breathe the same air as him!! Literally!!!!everyone needs to breathe weed smoke over the toxic air that's been damaged by humans already!!! You laugh about blowing smoke in His and his kids faces!! But I say don't waist the weed!!! We may be forced to breathe their toxic poisoned air which kills so why do you wanna save him!! Let him stay the " Good" guy he thinks he is!! Pray for him to get a clue and change his mind and ways and TRUELY mean it not gluts cause everyone can't stand him and is now voicing it!! We can't hate/ it's a Sin so I repent from my anger towards him and people like him!! Forgive me it's still my right to disagree with him and that won't change. He can pray for me all he wants. I don't need prayer over this subject he does, clearly!! Wrong is wrong right is right!!

  7. Basically what happened is Jeff Sessions left some "panic prohibition poop" on the floor after he saw how quick everything is moving with the medical marijuana and now recreational marijuana nearing to other states. Anyone got a pooper scooper? There is no turning back now Jeff Sessions! Marijuana will be Legalized Nationwide!

  8. Itโ€™s amazing how these guys are continuously pushing and going against the wishes of the majority of the American people every single day like itโ€™s a sport while they sit in their chairs and laugh on how theyโ€™re banking in on us. What gives?

  9. Honestly, I wanted to continue working in the marijuana industry, but at this point I am genuinely afraid for my freedom (especially working in a store front). These guys are completely ruthless and profit from keeping people in prisons. I donโ€™t want to end up one of them. So for now, Iโ€™m scared and laying low. lol

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