1. I think you're kind of close minded and you dont know how to have actual fun man, you can meditate, go to gym and still take drugs for the experience or for expanding consciousness and if you feel bad when smoking you should take care of those problems inside you that make you feel bad, weed just shows you, you got some

  2. Yo honestly, I feel like I'm the same as you are when it comes to weed, that depersonalization and the anxiety/reading your thoughts thing.. I went through as well, the year i decided not to smoke i was so confident and outgoing/improved my business it was wild, since then i've gotten off probation and i've been smoking a ton. Will quit again most likely. Appreciate you dude.

  3. People say that weed is very helpful for men who are not clever and and alpha. It makes you clever and what not, they say. I am a sensitive individual and weed makes me more susceptible to negative thoughts.

  4. binge watching some videos and i just had to see your thoughts on weed. A lot of my friends get really lazy after smoking, but for some reason I always wanna do shit. Every time I smoke I work out at home, or get driven to the gym, or get work outta the way.

  5. I had a very similar experience,
    After smoking weed turned an Alpha into Omega. So this is what happened

    I smoked weed and drank alcohol with these new guys I met in my couching institute, I knew it was wrong still I did it (convincing my self that it’s an experience)any way and boy was I sorry,

    A level of anxiety I had never felt before was triggered, The guys with whom I was smoking looked at my weird behaviour started filming me which triggered even more anxiety I felt like they will blackmail me later into extortion,
    The guys with whom I smoked did not make me feel comfortable either, They started calling me BT(Bad Trip) cause for them I started ruining their trips(Then stop bloody taking pics when I have the joint in my hand)
    My self esteem plummeted from thereon, I was depressed, I felt like even my real friends even felt my parents were judging me(which was like no one I could trust)…I became a people pleasure, Trying my best to be a fake nice guy just to please others instead of being myself, Avoiding social situations cause I hated being judged, (I am a public speaker, such things never bothered me)
    I became Beta male and even omega to a certain degree, This went on for 6 months.
    But then,

    Nofap Monkmode happened, And boy o boy I am Good , A boost in self esteem and confidence and I know it only get’s better from here and those low’s were important as it brought up the deep dark emotions that I had botteled up for the past few months I don’t blame anyone for what happened, Instead I am great full for now I severe every moment with immense gratitude and live in the moment shutting down my inner critic.
    I love being The Alpha, Never getting back again, Ever!!

  6. I think weed is good for making you see stuff and your thoughts differently and I feel like you where I'm never bored and I don't wanna be a lazy stoner who just gets bored and smokes, I love the way it makes you feel like one time I got so high and just walked around in a field with wild flowers and I was breathless because of how beautiful it was and that made me realize just how amazing the world and everything around us is and we never realize it and now when I see wildflowers and woods and grass I see it as amazing and beautiful without being high and I can thank weed for unlocking that for me

  7. I heard that weed boosts your inner circumstances to the outside in a strong way…thats why some people are chilled and others get fearful…most of the time when i smoked i was analyzing everything…I hated this…I don´t smoke it in my free time, but often at the evening before going to bed, because it works good against insomnia…if there is any other stuff against insomnia,brothers and sisters, let me know.

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