1. I've been getting withdrawals without even knowing it, I left my phix at home before I went on a month long trip lol. I found distracting myself was the best thing to do, id get these weird urgings to punch something or hurt myself. it was fucking weird

  2. I am so addicted to juuling and i need to stop so bad. Youre inspriring me to but i just dont know if i can do it😅 You are so funny & I Love your channel, i subbed. Check out mine too please 🙂

  3. I can’t quit juuling and I started freshman year of high school and I’m 16 now so 😂😂I’m not even old enough to be juuling and I do it anyway it’s like nobody cares if minors Juul like idk how to quit I love my juul😩😩😩

  4. honestly juul is so addictive. you got this. stay away from friends who use nic for like a month or two. throw out everything (like any half empty pods) so you’re not reminded of juul, phix, and cigs. GOOD LUCK!!❤️

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