How to pass a blood drug test | Marijuana blood test | Cocaine blood test

For more info on blood tests: Link for the product: How to pass a bloog drug test? Now its time to discuss a …


  1. Hey bro, i need help, i never smoke weed in my life, but last whole month i was smoking almost every day, i am not smoking for 4 weeks already, and i train almost every day and drink allot of water, i wanna know if im gonna pass a blood test i have in 3 days? Please someone respond, do i need detox?

  2. Can someone please tell me if detox pills will work in two days cause I smoked weed a week ago for the first time and my mom out of no were said I'm having a physical exam in three days this is really urgent can someone please tell me

  3. I have been smoking for about 10 years and also a vegan. I consume a lot of greens and natural juices and coconut water. I have a blood test for THC in the next 3 weeks. You think the detox pills can do the job being how I eat?

  4. hey what's up I have like 26 day that I haven't smoke weed it was very complicated but I did it I'm cool now just wondering if QPRETOX herbal supplement wood work for the blood test let me know please

  5. I am taking a blood test in about two week. I used to smoke daily but i stopped last week and i have no idea if i will pass.
    Its f** important that i do. I heard that Toxin Rid works for urine, but i didn't know its also good for blood test…I will give it a try!
    Thanks for the video bro

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