1. There was some scientist who did A study about addiction with mice. They started by putting one Mouse in a cage with Heroin water or regular water. The mouse would always choose the heroin water over regular water until it overdosed and died. Well another scientist took a look at this and said there's nothing for the mouse to do. It's isolated in a cage with the only thing to connect with is heroin.
    So they made what they call mice Park. They made the cage bigger then put toys and a lot of other mice to play with. After that none of the nice over dosed on the heroin water. A lot of the mice wouldn't even drink the heroin water after that. the ones that did only did it once in awhile and never died off it.
    The conclusion is addiction has to do a lot with your environment and the people you surround yourself with. also has to do with isolation so you are connecting with anything you can. that could be drugs, gambling, sex you name it. A lot of it has to do with trying to fill emptiness inside of us when we feel lonely and disconnected from everything.
    then also like you said they become the only thing that makes us feel good at the time when we are isolated from everything.

  2. this is garbage and not how addiction works this is the attitude of rudeness that gets people into addiction but you won't understand till you hit the bottom


  4. I dont like this video , cause it attributes the addiction to the substance itself ,witch is wrong.Its not the substance that cause the addiction , its the problem that lead to it that cause it.The substance is just there to fullfill the hole that the problem left in an individual , causing in the sametime the addiction.

    Drugs dont create Drug addiction!

  5. This is an outdated and naive understanding of addiction. Absolute misinformation. Do your research AJ+, did you get this out of a 20 year old medical text book?

    Addiction requires more than just chemical dependency, the details of which are very important to understand, and lack of impulse control is related to more than just an imbalance of neurotransmitters.

  6. Maybe we should be studying why people are prone to dependency…coughdepressioncoucghmentalhealthcough…
    But then the pharmaceutical corporations wouldn't be able to sell their snake oil so easily.

  7. i was addicted to speed, morphine, cocaine, and mdma for almost 3 years.
    quitting all of those substances was easier (in my opinion) than it is to quit drinking and smoking…. alcohol and nicotine are like the two cruel russian dominatrixes that i'm too scared of to fire.

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