Everything You Need To Know About THC, Marijuana’s Mind Altering Chemical | Mach | NBC News

It’s 4/20 – the unofficial high holiday. The pleasant euphoria people feel when they smoke marijuana is all because of the main chemical produced in the …


  1. Watching this video had an adverse affect on my "reward system" as Thc wasn't even known when the government and media changed the name to Marijuana from cannabis because black and brown people might vote. This country screwed over millions of epileptics for racism and the powers that be still refuse to admit their evil ways. Fools.

  2. I've been seriously injured in 1985 with a neck and back injury even though I try to smoke pot to reduce my pain but some of the pain it enhances even more and sometimes it makes the pain unbearable so I believe sometimes medication is more useful in this type of injury I had severe neck damage and severe back damage with herniated disc spondylosis C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 T9 T10 t11 and severe lower pain L4 L5 to S1 my injuries are 35 years old I am 60 years old now the only thing that'll truth they help is medication marijuana enhances the nerve pain to no end neuropathy marijuana does not work in this type of injury?

  3. Anybody can get addicted to anything.
    My body is addicted to epival and Lamictal. How about you look those pills up and report the side effects of those pills and compare it to CBD oil.

  4. Your war on pot is a war on poverty and life itself. Your lies, half truths and prejudice is evidence of cultural genocide and ecocide. Fubar, end reefer madness. The cannabinoid system is a separate structure from the nervous system. Cannabinoids are found in every living creature and most plants.

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