1. Hey, we all just want to feel good and healthy, nothing wrong with that. Quitting weed definitely is the biggest obstacle for most, but as long as you detox correctly, anyone can get it under control within a week. If lack of focus, lack of ambition and laziness are way too familiar, you might want to try a program like the one in Nemery Thentel's website. Try googling it to see if it sounds reasonable to you as well.

  2. Omg I have finally found someone who knows what I’m talking about I’m going through the same thing I recently just quit smoking “self medicating” and it’s been hell on earth very mad all the time full of anxiety racing thoughts and I feel kinda hopeless and never comfortable

  3. i quit weed 2 weeks ago ,bcs of the panic atacks ,i quit smooking ,and drinking coffe ,now i still have panic atacks ,i cant sleep at night i fall asleep just in the morning or afternoon,i dont know what should i do… :((((

  4. Hi Idglã, how are you? Im so happy and thankful to find your video 😄 Im on the same way as you. I smoked weed for the same reasons as you did for 3 years. Now Im free of it since 10 months. Oh my god what a ride. I felt the same like you. Now Im not good at all, my anxiety and brainfog is on some days zero and on some days so bad again. Now I could sleep much better only sometimes I have crazy dreams. All comes and goes in waves. But it is much better than the first few weeks. Withdrawal symptomes are different from person to person. The brain have to heal and the recovery takes time. But for all that Im still afraid of damaged my brain forever and never feeling "normal" again 😕Perhaps someone read this who went through the same and give me some hope…?. Idglã do you know more about? Thanks and keep going on. Lucy

  5. Olá Ideglã, eu gostaria muito que você me respondesse :v
    Bom eu e minha esposa estamos planejando ganhar o green card e consequtemente a cidadania americana, não temos faculdade e acabamos de terminar o ensino medio. Gostaria de sabe se nessas condições eu e ela temos alguma chance ? Tendo em vista que pretendemos levar uma quantia de 12 a 24 mil R$.
    Me respoda porfavor, sou mt fã do seu trabalho no YT!

  6. Acho bem legal o jeito com que você decidiu fazer essa jornada, porque temos os outros exemplos, cada um em sua singularidade, é claro, mas não tão bem sucedidos … E você faz o possível. Faz o seu melhor!
    Buscando novas formas de estar bem consigo mesmo, e é o que realmente importa.
    A mudança acontece internamente, depois para o mundo, isso é um processo.

  7. I think it's cool how you decided to go on this journey, because we have the other examples, each in its singularity, of course, but not as successful … And you do what you can. Do your best!
    Seeking new ways to be good with yourself, and that's what really matters.
    Change happens internally, then to the world, this is a process.

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