3 Pros and 3 Cons of Using Vape Pens to Smoke Marijuana

Every marijuana consumer has his or her preferred way of ingesting cannabis whether is be a joint, pipe, bong, vape, or edible. Vape pens are a portable and …


  1. I need help. Someone please respond. Ok so my friend got some new wax and he said it was strawberry banana flavored so I smelled it and I felt it in my nose and my throat. Is it in my system? If it is how long is it in there for? I have a drug test for a job coming up.

  2. My biggest concern with THC oils is the fact that you really don't know what's in the fluid unless you make it yourself. Many of the companies that make the oil add "fillers" that have harmful chemicals in them. Also, there are a shit ton of black market thc liquids that are knockoffs of the more popular brands. Those knockoffs are dangerous because you really have no idea what you're smoking. When buying these oils, you have to look at the packaging. If the packaging does not disclose the extraction process, or include any information on the ingredients, do not buy it.

  3. Story Time: my first time hitting a cart i hit it the first time for 3 seconds and my friend said, "take a bigger hit you wont feel it off that" so me being the dumbass i am i thought well i vape all the time it wont hurt if i take a fat ass hit. Mind you, he had a good battery and THAT SHIT RIPPED MY G's. I hit that bitch for 12 seconds and halfway through that hit i was thinking dam this aint bad. About 4 seconds later in that hit my throat itched and I thought aw alright that shit aint so bad. I inhaled for 2 more seconds and looked at my friend and all he said to me was,"😨😬😀your dead." My fucking lungs were hurting and saliva was just coming out of my mouth and in my little gasps of air i said" G-get wa-water NOW!" And hes just sitting there laughing😂. Ahhh…good ol' days. Like if you've been there. P.S- after that, i dkne ripped that bitch like 9 more times😂💀

  4. When you compare the prices of recreational/medical to street weed, rec/med is more affordable and stronger. I have noticed vape getting cheaper, but I prefer to go with locally grown MJ here in Colorado and dispensaries that offer their own brand of Vapes. This is a more affordable option. And then Oregon has the cheapest MJ taxes in the US

  5. No mention of cutting agents needed thin down concentrates enough to be smoked in a vape pen? Propylene glycol? Fake terpenes? Hmmm you missed the most important talking points.

  6. I bought a battery for 20 bucks. I charge it once a week, I use it everyday a few times. Don't forget, you can really be ANYWHERE blazing because it doesnt smell and it fits in one pocket and doesnt smell!!

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