What Happened To My Body | 60 Days of CBD Oil

CBD oil is trending all of a sudden! What’s the deal with it? Does it do anything? Is it worth it? What are my thoughts on the Charlotte’s Wed brand? Charlotte’s …


  1. CBD OIL is placebo and total scam. Bought 5% CBD oil for 60 euros from MediHemp and absolutely nothing happened or changed to me. Because CBD oil is placebo it will work only for people with low IQ.

  2. So I got this CBD oil from GreenRoadsWorld and it’s one of the terpenes ones for like $70. I’m so upset because I’ve tried one drop, then two drops and then like 5 or more drops and all it leaves is my stomach not feeling well. This Charlotte Web’s stuff is way too expensive for me. Guess it’s back to the drawing board.

  3. Once again, a miracle healing gift from god being capitalized by greedy MFer’s. You fuckers who love the Obama’s ACA and can afford it, and minimal coverage of specified care. Have t you stripped the rest of us of enough. Pricing for this product is geared for those who can afford stated above. You’ll all answer for your greed and “ love of money”! Love your fellow man? Been forgotten by greed and love of money

  4. Charlottes Web. Strain Specific. Named after a little girl named Charlotte who suffered from constant seizures. First girl to bring a good amount of attention to the issue, along with the brothers in Colorado that started this strain. Anyone have any other info on that. I’m in the ball park. Someone may know specifics though.

  5. I have had cronic chest pains for years and CBD oils has helped so much with making the pain go away. I have tried CW but I love CBDoil+ I have also tried some from middle Tennessee that are also good as well. 😊

  6. CBD for me! I have had smokable but best success with oil tinctures. Great stuff to use with thc oils as well can make it to your needs this oil is great for anxiety sufferers like myself and it also helps if you are having negative side effects from antidepressants.

  7. Because of the low amount of THC in most of these, i am assuming I would not have any bad effects to it like i do weed? I bought Care By Design, 18 to 1 ratio. I'd love to try it for anxiety.

  8. I signed up through the link you shared and I'm not seeing the same product that you have. The bottles are labeled "Hemp Extract Oil Advanced". Is this the same thing? I'm also not finding the mint chocolate version. Any suggestions?

  9. Charlotte’s Web was originally called Hippie’s Disappointment because it doesn’t make you high. When it worked for the little girl with the epileptic seizure disorder they renamed it.

  10. Dark CBD oil is a telltale sign that a CBD oil was processed using an extraction method that uses toxic solvents. DioLieve CBD oil does not have any solvents in their CBD products. DioLieve's plants are all grown in the USA using organic farming practices. The plants are not hemp but from a bred strain of cannabis that took 7 years to develop, resulting in a final plant that is below the threshold level of .3 THC. DioLieve CBD is the highest quality, highest concentration CBD on the market at the very lowest prices in the USA. DioLieve CBD is fully lab tested too. DioLieve CBD outsells every other CBD brand in retail stores that carries it. Check it out at http://www.diolieve.com or call them at 310-936-2447.

  11. Hey Megan, I am going to try the small bottle. I think it says take half a dropper for that strength/size of the bottle. I too have anxiety so I am curious if half the dropper in the lower amount sounds right.

  12. Colorado Concentrates and Distribution Co. was founded by a group focused on mental and physical well-being through natural supplements and healthy lifestyle. We are a distributor of premium phytocannabindoid-rich products made in the USA. Our zero THC medicinal hemp comes from La Junta, CO. Our partner is a vertically integrated grower and manufacturer of medical grade, registered industrial hemp that is grown in accordance with Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014.


  13. she is so cute! If only we were all financially well off and could buy all these nice goodies that "make us feel good" I need to know about real concrete healing stories

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