1. I've almost quit smoking after picking up vaping last month and I ordered my first Zamplebox tonight. I've been long time smoker and quit a few years back only to start smoking again in 2016 after a family tragedy. It's time to kick the cigarette habit completely. I've only had 2 cigarettes last week only because I was out of coils.

  2. Started smoking at age 12 and I'm 33 now, smoked a pack day. Because of vaping I've been cigarette free now for a year as of Aug 1st. Hard trying to find a great adv at first but Zamplebox certainly helped me out with that too!

  3. I had been smoking for close to 15 years.

    I started to reduce from a 20 deck a day to a deck every 2-3 days.

    But the bullet at the start of May and bought a £25 aio.

    While i am still using a high nic oil I haven't been tempted even once to buy a pack or even take one from a friend or from another smoker at work.

    I'm feeling heathier, breathing easier and not smelling like an ashtray any more.

    Plus I'm saving a ton of money by not spending close to £10 a time for a nicotine hit.

    It's working for me and I know a load of others that it has worked for as well.

    Good luck to anyone who decides to quit the death sticks using whatever method they like.

  4. Zamplebox I wish you guess would let me put a different address for shipping than billing. I’m stationed in a different state so i would have to get it shipped to my home state and than shipped where I’m stationed. It’s just a big hassle and would take quite some time to even get the box. That’s the only reason that my friends and I have signed up for what seems to be a great service

  5. Well done, my friends! I know for a fact that vaping can be a successful method to quit smoking. I quit smoking for good 122 days ago and over that period I have managed to step down my nicotine level from 12mg to 6mg to 3mg and am now vaping only 1.5mg! I smoked a pack a day for over 20 years and vaping helped me escape the hold that smoking had on me. And for that, I thank you! Jason Kinney, Steven Johnson Syndrome Survivor & United States Navy Veteran

  6. I got my first vape early last year with the intention of quitting smoking. Turns out I didn't do my research to properly care for a vape and that vape broke (it was a pretty cheap vape) and went back to smoking as a cigarette was just so easy to just light up and go. Last week I bought a new vape and I have been watching heaps of your videos and now I feel confident in how to care for it. I smoked my last (hopefully, I am really actively trying to quit) cigarette today and I am feeling confident in myself to carry it on now. A big plus to vaping is all the sweeeetttt vape juices you can choose from!

  7. I've been smoking for 15 years and just got into vaping about a month ago. Once I got everything set up I immediately went from a pack and a half to 3 cigs a day max. This past week is the first time I have never had a smoke. I tried to have one today and I HATED it. I hated the taste and I missed having a larger cloud to exhale – it just wasn't satisfying, even for the nicotine. Even if I never get to the point where I give up nicotine entirely, I am more than happy to continue with something that is by far healthier for me. I no longer wheeze in the morning and at night. I can smell and taste again. Even my circulation and energy has improved. And this is only the first completely smoke free week (excluding my one fuck up). I enjoy vaping as a hobby too with all the mods, tanks, flavors and options to build yourself. I think this is one of the reasons it is so successful – it can be more than just a means to quit. It's actually kind of fun too!

  8. I've vaping for 6 month and today I was curious about cigar I give a try and get so disgust by the taste of it,I took 4 hit of cigar before I shove it to ashtray and I know I don't want it anymore ever,vape is legit and I don't even want to stop smoking at 1st place,but it do worked out pretty well.

  9. I started smoking cigarettes in early 1970 and quit five years ago. I used lozenges and they worked for me, but I do think that vaping would have been easier. I didn't know anything about vaping at that time. Wish I did. I do vape now just for the feel of smoking. After all, I did smoke for over 40 years, besides, I like the flavors. Three or four more days and I get my next 'ZampleBox' with six new flavors. CAN'T WAIT!

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