1. 1. Thank you. 2. Decriminalizing is not legalizing. Decriminalizing is when the usage, or specific amounts of substance aren't treated as felony, i.e. for finding in a teenager's pocket a gram of weed, one doesn't go to prison for 3-5 yrs. But he will have a misdemeanor of some sort.
    Legalizing means no penalty in conditions defined by law.

  2. So your idea is … marijuana is bad and illegal, but alcohol is also bad but not illegal, so why don't you make the world a better place and make all kind bad chemicals legal and be done with it 🙂

  3. Why don't we just make it some kind of medicine? Would that not solve at least one of the problems?
    I know that it's more complicated than that. Please don't attack me, I'm a 13-year-old eating chocolate cereal in her bedroom at 2am. You can't blame me for thinking stupid shit.

  4. Driving is the tip of the iceberg. I fix aircraft for a living. What about driving other things? People who work at heights? Work with power tools? Design engineering?

    Weed needs to be illegal for our protection. Lack of random drug testing is the problem.

  5. Regulated cannabis will never compete on price agents non-regulated illegal cannabis. So legalised drugs will just be ignored by users.

    The issue is denial. Lots of people I know smoke weed and nun of them accept that it is bad for them.

    Drug dealing is drug dealing. If you are court dealing weed then you are distributing an addictive, reality altering substance and should do time in jail.

  6. RE: What to do with people currently in prison for marijuana related crimes.
    While it is difficult to justify the ethics of keeping people in prison for doing something that is not considered a crime anymore, I believe people who are incarcerated should remain in prison until their next parole hearing. In my opinion that person consciously made a decision to take a risk and break the law. Even though the legal system is arguably flawed and biased, laws are put in place not only as a means to remove people who are considered a danger to society, but also to deter people from performing those actions in the first place. Effectively, and rather bluntly, I'm arguing the point that the conscious decision to break the law is what people should be punished for, regardless of the crime committed.
    Of course, as a Nerdfighter, John and Hank have taught me that life brings its complexities and you cannot find a simple solution for each and every case.

  7. Hank, you missed a few more complications: It causes tachycardia which can and has resulted in heart attacks for smokers. Even where it is legal there is a large black market for cheaper, tax free marijuana, so the illegal drug trade is not as impacted as you would like to think. Lastly places that legalize it also have to spend more money dealing with the effects of that, like educating kids not to smoke it, people smoking it in places they shouldn't be, car accidents from driving while high, incidents from people acting out while high, mental health issues from those people that you mentioned as having psychological effects from marijuana.

  8. I have done a lot of research on Marijuana and it is very healthy for you if eaten. Smoking it is not healthy because just like Cigarettes it can cloud your lounges. However, eating it can help keep cancer out of your body. I have read studies that proved it's an essential part of staying healthy. I truly believe that the government made it illegal because cancer and pharmaceuticals are big business, and that in my opinion is very sad and evil.

  9. I'm a medical marijuana patient and I now live in a state where I have no legitimate access. Thank you for making this video I hope that by making it you can change some minds and help people get away from this out dated prohibition. My state is trying to pass medical marijuana this year and if you even changed one mind in my state you have helped me feel hopeful that my flashbacks might go away again. Thanks again Hank you are my hero and I love you keep doing what you're doing!!

  10. Do well not to be dependent, its benefits shine through when its not abused. Be mindful with its use and it will add greatly to your life. This is my take on the subject. Do what you will with it, or don't.

  11. I like that you also listed the negative effects of using weed. Too much of anything is bad for you and I hate that society glorifys people taking like 2 grams of wax in one go. Me personally, I just like 1 bowl on the weekend. I don't smoke anymore though.

  12. Since I am medicated, I might as well tell y'all how marijuana has saved my life. I have fibromyalgia, so I am in pain all day every day with few ways to stem the tide. I was basically a guinea pig for treatments, but most of all they always put me on opioid pain killers like Tramadol/Ultram and Vicodin and Oxycodone to the point where I was sick. I heard tell that a mixture of high-CBD hemp and marijuana can help and I can say that it does (though, if we're being honest, not as well as opiates but way fewer side-effects) Also, I will be running for senate somewhat soon, and that's definitely on my platform

  13. "Marijuana is dangerous with real long-term effects." I liked this video until you said that. I started smoking pot at 14, and it almost eradicated my major depression. In fact, my depression was SOO bad that I felt like I was dying, it was as if I didn't have any abstract thoughts and all that was in my brain was physical reality, etc. I smoke just half a joint, and guess fucking what? My thoughts returned and my brain was functioning as it should on a basic level. After that, it took a lot more pot to eradicate my condition, but it was worth it. And all this started happening before I was even 15. This plant has saved my life. I probably wouldn't be here right now without it. I would have committed suicide years ago if it wasn't for cannabis. No matter what you're going through, cannabis can always help.

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