The Startup Revolutionizing Medical Marijuana Deliveries

Eaze is an on-demand medical weed delivery service that gets green to your door in less than 30 minutes—in other words, the “Uber for weed.” But the …


  1. you might as well wait another 30 minutes for a reputable delivery rather than one that cant provide more than 4 products at a time because of their business structure which is the case 95% of the time and for the most part doesn't give two fucks about lab test results…..

  2. So basically it turned out cannabis has some real medical applications, so the medical cannabis taxes outcomes the money they where making in "war on drugs"… So instead of growing it cheaply in your home, you have to pay for it, is not this way in some countries/states, in the bast majorities of countries becoming more flexible with medical cannabis is like i described before, in argentina you have to pay a lot for imported cannabis oil, local cannabis growers where making oil and selling it cheaply and now are in jail, meanwhile they are preparing the new "opportunity" for the first approved official backed up by the government enterprises "their friends", a good cannabis plant with good genetics in a good environment in outdoors can produce a lot of oil for free… so the ones that need it can't grow their medicine for the whole year almost for free, and that is something that farmaceutical will never allow to happen, and all the lies that where told in the past, lies who only purpose where to protect industries from possibly competitors like textile, papper and many more, so the trick is to make people think that medical cannabis is different from "the evil marihuana implanted in the peoples mind" and cannabis growing in a really special lab is safe, imagine if from one day for another tomatoes have some special medical properties, but only tomatoes growing in a certified lab are safe, ¿Would you believe that shit? is just a plant, with almost no complicated extraction process, just avoid using pesticides, leave the pesticides for the fruit and vegetables that we eat everyday. Legalize weed, prohibit for people under 21 years old, like they did in canada, and let the people choise between cheap homemade grow or the really spensive certified and taxed cannabis.

  3. How does the pot licensing on this type of business modelwork here ??? because in this case.. getting a permit in Humboldt County if thats where they are established and operate from… they cant set up shop in every city and town in California nor can they deliver to them either. They would need a pot permit for each and every single city. Am I right or wrong? If you are a driver unless you get away with claiming its your own personal bag… you're going to jail for a felony. A retail pot permit is not the same as a distributor or a manufacture permit. I do not believe one has free reign on territory in every city just because he does in one city. Anyone who really knows can agree or disagree with me? thanks.

  4. SCAM – big data does not justify the cost. These are just marketers that make money of people that aren't even tech savy enough to use FB ads manager. Stop encouraging these snake oil salesmen and instead promote people and companies that put in a bit of time to advertise and optimise their business themselfs.

    Stop promoting SanFran BS.

    On the other hand, if you're a skilled programer on the east coast and you realized this guy is sleeker than a naked Trump covered in baby oil. Go to SanFran, there not just one idiot on every corner, there's literally 30, lining up around the corner to pay $50 for artisanal ice-cream made with some of the dirties water in the US. Brother, if you can do excel and make a nice infographic you will make bank – there's enough dumb to go around for everyone – and the weather is nice.

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