The Secret Ingredient to Growing The Best Cannabis – Growing Tips from the 101

FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Check out this link To read the article that corresponds to this video. The SECRET …


  1. I like your style folks. You're doing it the right way. Seems like the 'crisis', in hind-ish site, focused more on rec. users doing rec. stuff haha. Though I could never imagine it in official print, I feel channel safety really boils down to intent….and celebrity. Snoop and Khalifa are not about to lose any views b/c of some blunts. At the same time, cultivators aren't going to get any richer than they've been from YT, but the wealth of info. allowed, available, and multiplying is priceless.

  2. Glad to see you guys again, you are awesome. Sorry to hear about demon$azation. I can't believe Google wants to be the moral compass of the internet, I mean really ? Your attitude about it is the best, you guys are cool . And what you did by helping that officer shows the class act that you are. I'm diggin all the videos too. I have a couple questions to ask if you don't mind. Do you grow any autoflowers ? And, what do you think about a 12/12 light schedule for flowering autos ? Thanks guys.

  3. I wish I could call you both or text with you. There is so little dosing info out there for people in pain that don't like getting high but can take a little thc with high cbd. 1000mg of indica RSO would last me about two years but I'm not sure if even the smallest dose would either not work or be too much for me. I'm anxiety prone. To get pain relief would I have to get high and forget every 10 minutes for it to work? I got mildly high/scared on blue dream vape concentrate but it did take away 100% of my pain. Could I take the tiniest dot of RSO Magic Oil โ€“ High Tolerance Concentrates (CBD 99% / THC 92%) and get pain relief without getting funny in the head? What is the best brand of vape concentrate? Vape concentrate is high thc low cbd so would RSO get me less high than a vape concentrate? I hope you can help, Great channel, we need more info besides all the taste of flower info thats everywhere on youtube. Thank you!!

  4. YouTube is getting to be bullshit the are millions of girls on here in thongs clapping there ass cheeks together in front of the camera and that's not a problem but you with as educational video on medicine and OMG it's a crime Fuck YouTube wish I could start a video sight just for people like you and me

  5. Good to see you guys! But is there a way you can guys improve the quality of the videos?! just an idea hehe keep it up guys! and by the way… it is really funny when you have small discussions among yourselves haha

  6. i just found you guys… you guys are adoreable. im not sure what you know or dont know but you have a really nice vibe…im gonna watch a few more before i go to bed because you guys are making me smile

  7. Just got home from my umpteenth surgery due to colon cancer…in remission btw…and opened you tube to your fresh faces. I friggin missed you guys!!! Much love from the great North East (Pa) ๐Ÿ˜

  8. you guys are the best. your site is very down home and you don't put yourselves above anyone else. I live in western Maryland and the dispensaries can't keep up with demand. the legislature his trying to open more dispensaries but are saying the ones now are none of them are minority-owned they're all white owned and with Maryland being 80% black they think it's unfair that none of the dispensaries are black owned so they're at a standstill. I can only wait until the day that we are allowed to grow our own here it's a waiting game

  9. When I bug my state reps about legalization they reply with propaganda then ignore any facts you present. If you read the emails I've gotten your jaw would drop at the sheer audacity of the BS.

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