The Problem with Cannabis (2018)

SUBSCRIBE ALREADY!!! First part in mini-documentary series following Everest Fernandez, a technophile indoor vegetable grower, on a visit to Denver, …


  1. Nailed it!! As someone actually from Hemel Hempstead, no outdoor cannabis grows here but they did used to have hemp farm but that was a loooooooong time ago! It was weird to see my home town pop up on your videos as a big fan of yours it made my day! Respect and I can't wait for more content on the beautiful plant! 👌

  2. I am checking your channel weekly to see if the next video on cannabis is uploaded but 3 months and nothing. Take your time but know there are people waiting for the next episode! 🙂

  3. Heck Yes Everest !!! I've wondered your take on cannabis. Your videos have helped me start my own hobby grow and all I have to say is you've got the best overview for a non cannabis ciltivator hands down!!! Excited to see were this new avenue takes you and the subs. 👍

  4. Everest,

    Have you ever used mountain air carbon filters and what do you think of them, quality wise (carbon grade, effectiveness, airflow)? Compared to say a Phresh filter.


  5. Everest, just here to ask you a freaky question: does fluorescent color on sidewalls has any effect on plant growth? Like benefits. Iiiiits just curiosity.

  6. I appreciate that you briefly mention the common misconception of cannabis being "a weed", as though it implies anything specific about the plant or the level of care and knowledge required to produce a healthy crop. As I understand it, any species could (technically) be called a weed as the word only means that a plant is growing where it is not wanted, most often associated with quickly maturing and/or spreading local varieties of plant life.

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