SURTERRA: Florida’s Finest | MYAKKA NATIVE ♡ Review/Unboxing (HD) | Florida Medical Marijuana

sorry I messed up the ending lol (and whatever else I messed up!) / be friends with me here!: IG: @helloelliek Facebook: /elliekitten 2:45 for the unboxing | video …


  1. I’m still watchin ur video, I’m putting my myakka together too just for it out that lil burlap sack lol I’ve hit my zen (1: 4)pen n actually felt it but kinda felt like I just hit a regular blunt …. I haven’t smoked in forever but am using it to come off of something very chemically bad and had a sativa strain pill (Marinol) I think and I wanted to do nothing even close to sittin on the couch I had energy and was talkative which weed always made me just wanna sit on the couch and kinda be antisocial … are there any recommendations for a strain at that trulieve that I should go for

  2. Dude I only want a sativa strain I just got my card and this place was my first place I got the same thing bcuz the employee told me it would have that upper head high and energy not just regular indacouch weed I also got the zen pen which she also said was the best for energy …I just want a dispensary where I can buy a cartridge and it say what strain on it

  3. Love the Serene and Zen. I’ve tried all 5 of the ratio pens. But I have yet to try the Florida’s Finest, and am excited to to give them a try. Thanks for the honest and knowledgeable review.

  4. Yo everyone should learn there Florida Cannabis history. Suterra stole the Myakka Gold strain. Back in the day a well know grower named Donnie Clark who was sentenced to life in prison for his well know bud called Myakka gold named so because of his proximity to the Myakka River. They changed the name to Myakka native to make it a bit better. But Clark nvr received a dime. I guess because my dad a Sarasota native always talked about his Myakka gold blowing away whatever new strain I could find when I started burning it became an icon in my eyes.

  5. Great review Ellie!!! Something your subscribers can do when they go to Surterra in Jax – ask for a consultant that used to work at Trulieve. There are a couple that I know of at the Surterra here in Jax. They are a wealth of knowledge when comparing products and coming up with ideas of what to try in the Surterra product line.

  6. I’ve got an order being delivered tomorrow, super excited, grabbed both strains and a couple of pens. Next order will be the oils. I will drop an entire gram of cdb concentrate into my oatmeal, love it. The store is near my place, can’t wait to visit.

  7. great video again, I totally agree w the “dispensaries for all types of patients” mindset, even if surterra isn’t for me, it could be perfect for someone else & I’ll always recommend them & their products so long as they continue to make quality products. I hope you don’t have to do a surterra return video! lol

  8. Zen is my favorite by far. I really like that Surterra products actually 'cure' me when I'm desperate tbh. I've yet to try Florida's Finest though. I'm excited to try! They're also opening a location in Port Orange which is like an hour or so from me (Orlando/Sanford) but I might check it out for the discount lol

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