1. It's also a healing plant. People like me who have autoimmune issues cannabis rebuilds the endocannabinoid system and use cannabis just to feel normal, be able to eat and digest food without pain, and have regular bowel movements. When you are in well being you are in your power of allowing and LOA

  2. I couldn't agree more brother
    I love smoking every once in a while to just caaalm down and connect to source energy
    I always charge my weed with an amethyst cluster, that really enhances the connection to source when smoking it for me
    Also if you can't sleep maybe you had a Sativa dominant strain? Sativa dominant = Stimulates all chakras (especially upper chakras for me)
    Indica dominant = Very grounding and calming for me

  3. I fucking dont know what it is with marijuana but it fucking blasts my brain into different dimensions. I feel anxiety and like I forgot who I am as a soul.. really weird and crazy effects on my mind. But I probalby took it in the wrong setting.

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