1. Sitting here with a 120mg oxy daily dependance…. Man.. I wish i could trade places with u.. Opiates r the fucken devil! Everything else u just choose to quit. But with opuates u cabt quit even if u want too. Ur body wnt let you.

  2. White kratom energizes me and I can focus. Red kraton relaxes me and helps with my knee pain. Kratom is cheap. I pay $31 for 250 grams and that’s with shipping. I don’t see the point in quitting.

  3. Hope to talk to you man, hope your doing well, i feel i could help if you still need some or show you my w/d process and success. So sorry about the bike ride, subbed "I keep making these videos, and keep coming back to it, like my bike crash" o…..m…..g…..i can relate so much man, fml.

  4. You said something that was key…kratom makes you focus on it's feeling more then other things that really matter. Not that you don't care about other things but you can easily float away from some important concerns that truly matter and are being ignored. I will do the banana and coffee! Also chocolate. Thanks!!

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