Mother’s medical cannabis oil confiscated at Heathrow

Without cannabis oil Billy Caldwell has 100 seizures each day, yet his medication was today confiscated. Should the plant be legally available for medical …


  1. Stop calling it cannabis, weed, hemp,
    It’s medicine then it dose not come under the drug act 2005 or misuse of drugs act 1971
    Think why are doctors not in prison for give Persons drugs
    They will try to get a Wo(man) to Change the word but don’t
    Medicine is to help a Wo(man) to get better, function, to go about your life with out pain, so it’s proper, ( That which is Necessary for i, Wo(man) or your property (child)
    Think bigger ( who says you can not do good & where do they have i right to stop you
    Who is causing harm
    Learn think who is Wo(man),s gOd on this planet come forward & prove it to i Wo(man)

    Learn people
    i, wo(man)
    Learn to only speak to Wo(man)
    Not legalese a language that sounds & reads like English but the words mean completely different than you think
    Go on etymology online & look for the Latin meaning or the first record meaning of that word then see how many meaning the word has
    Learn Wo(man)
    gOd speed to all

  2. A pain relief for a long term condition to give a life as a person free in a option of the day to a day in any direction a life in full, a law till a point in a regard as a population in communtiy to develop a future?

  3. UK – biggest exporter of medicinal cannabis….
    the stuff probably went on the stockpile with all the rest of it ready to be sold to legal countries, keep making that private doe while simultaneously telling us its illegal UK

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