Marijuana Facility Plans | Cannabusiness Live | Episode #42

Cannabis Legal Group attorneys Travis Copenhaver and Barton Morris discuss the Marijuana Facility Plan which is required for every MMFLA application …


  1. Questions regarding changes in your managerial staff, new shareholders, new investors over 1% ownership. So we start with a parent company and over the course of two years a lot can shift, how do we anticipate that LARA will handle these types of changes, as I am sure they will have to approve?

  2. A 7411 deferral allows a person who has no prior drug crimes on their record to plead guilty to a Drug Possession charge, and then have that “guilty” plea and charge dismissed after a certain period of time (called a probation). Once you satisfactorily complete the probation period your entire case will be dismissed and there will be no public record of it.

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