Marijuana Addiction Treatment – The Sanctuary at Sedona

The Sanctuary at Sedona founder Dean Taraborelli discusses in detail the nature of marijuana addiction and The Sanctuary’s approach to the treatment of …


  1. While it may seem that quitting weed is the benefit, the real change is that drive which arises within, the natural life force everyone is entitled with since birth, so to speak. Maybe reading the approach in Nemery Thentel’s website can make sense to you as well.

  2. Smoking weed every single day can extract quite the toll on your body and mind. Anyone can quit easily, the real challenge is to avoid relapsing, or fall into the cravings. However, if you give your body the nutrients it needs, you won't have any cravings, and you can quit, or partially quit within weeks. Try Nemery Thentel's website for the whole explanation if you want.

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