Is It Possible To Overdose on Cannabis? – Weedwise

We asked Dr. Chen, Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, “Can you legally overdose on cannabis?” Join us as we clear the haze of confusion …


  1. Scientifically, yes you can die from eating too much weed, you can die from too much anything BUT the chances of you dying from weed are pretty astronomical. there are anomalies between humans and a vast majority handle weed pretty well and is safe for the vast majority of people. You are honestly more likely to die from marijuana if you lived on the border and a plane dropped a 50 lbs bail of it on your head

  2. Everyone saying ‘you can i overdosed myself’ is obviously not aware of anything to do with weed .. you DIDNT OVERDOSE you just WHITEY’d (/your regional equivalent) where you feel sick, normally are sick , and it’s shit yeah but it’s not a overdose… educate your self.

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  4. I had a marihuana overdose 3 years ago. It were the worst 6h of my life, I vomited, had haluzinations, cold sweat and antipersonalization. Since then I don't consume it anymore.
    We made brownies with the weed my friend had grown at his home. There weren't any other chemicals in it, if somebody is wondering.

  5. Worst thing that has ever happen to me whilst under the influence of Marijuana: I ordered pizza but by the time the pizza arrived I had drifted off to sleep. By the time I woke up the pizza place was closed.

  6. what i dont really like about videos like this, is that they make it seem as there is no danger at all in conuming too high amounts of weed. The word "psychosis" hasnt been said once in this video…

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