How to Start a Marijuana Business | Southwest Cannabis Convention | Larry Smith (2018)

G5 Cultivation’s CEO, Larry Smith, has taken a trip to Phoenix to take part in the Southwest Cannabis Convention. Smith had two Expo speeches to share his …


  1. I live in Texas can I open a business in Colorado for example ? I will be honest I never smoke marijuana before. So I want to get involved while it opening new doors. Since Texas hasn't made it legal yet. I want to learn now. And the other question how does someone for starter get the capital to open a business in these business?

  2. I never smoked a day in my life hopefully I don't have to because of medical reasons.I just love the journey and the moves this brother be making so I support the channel.I don't go out to Vegas that much anymore since Mayweather stop boxing, but my first stop when I go back is to check out that facility.

  3. Thanks for the upload. I'm a Agriculture student interested in supporting growers and farmers in NC. Any helpful information you have send me a contact.

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