How The Sacred Plant Helped Defy Terminal Cancer – Twice

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  1. Amazing Woman…God Bless You and your family. Am a cancer survivor,have MS, COPD stage 4, congested heart failure, stage 3 kidney failure, kidney disease and so much more. On way to many meds…stopped all pain meds now for10 months… do take lyrica and equip for MS still , 25+ meds still on. Trying to get off what I can and go the CBS route…ND just legalized Med CBD USE am going to try to get my card. Thanks so much for sharing your story… it needs to be legal.

  2. If . . . that is, again I say . . . [ IF ] you have a child that is experiencing 15 to 30 seizures per day, (4:24) what would you do?

    Any right-minded, conscientiously behaving person/parent should be receptive to Cannabis as a valid choice for them to include in their 'health & wellness regimen'. It is unconscionable for this plant, that has such noteworthy healing properties, to be forbidden. Nature is calling out to those who will listen . . . please listen . . . learn the truth, and make an informed choice.

    Allow Shannan's heartfelt & candid testimony speak to you, and let the overwhelming evidence become crystal clear.

    Share these (TSP) videos and show your support for 'The Sacred Plant' team, as well as your support of CANNABIS.

    Special thanks to Shannan Ajluni for offering her extremely personal story . . . BLESS (45:05) YOU ~

  3. Wonderful story! I do have to ask, though, if he has a rare immune system cancer, how does a therapy (chemo) that destroys the immune system help to heal the immune system? Please watch "The Truth About Cancer", because there may be other options there for you.

    I do have to wonder if these two kids were vaccinated, and whether their problems started after that.

  4. the two different types of metabolism to consider when ingesting cannabis is raw cannabis where the metabolism is catalyst driven and heated cannabis where metabolism is hydrolyzed . Raw is when the plant is raw and fresh off the plant or not dried… the molecules in raw plant are termed ( carbon active ). the carboxyl chain or grouping of carboxylic acid remains intact on the molecules ( carboxlic acid is living molecules ). this carboxylic acid adds mass to the phyto-molecules and this in turn prevents access into cells ( intracellular signals). phytocannabinoid molecules in raw form will catalyze into peripheral metabolism as an inverse agonist or reverse inverse agonist…
    so- onto heated cannabis…. decarboxylation is the process of removing the carboxyl grouping ( carbon neutral ) from the molecule via heat / oxidation/ oxygen etc… once the cannabis cannabinoid is decarboxylated and ingested in man the shape and size of the molecule allows intracellular access and causes hydrolyzed reactions ( reactive oxygen species) that mostly maintains intacellullar calcium ion levels for homeostasis of cells. This bio-availability / bio-activity though is compound specific as THC from cannabis will hydrolyze into a different signalling chain of events than CBD will as THC is an agonist type compound and CBD is antagonist….

  5. cannabis is a plant therefor it metabolizes. there are multiple types of metabolism derived from the use of cannabis plant. Eating it raw or juicing will involve bile acids that increase that type metabolism. once ingested, cannabis unlike other plants create very precisely designed bio-active molecules known as phytocannabinoids. the shape specificity of the cannabinoid allows intracellular access in the cells. this is the bio-activity that cannabis plant provides human. secondary metabolism

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