How Monsanto Plants Stories, Suppresses Science & Silences Dissent to Sell a Cancer-Linked Chemical

– As Monsanto comes under scrutiny for allegedly hiding the dangers of its weed killer, Roundup, we talk to a reporter who says the …


  1. If RR and glyphosate are so cancerous and RR is the most widely used herbicide in the world, why haven't we seen a serious spike in cancer rates? Why isn't there an epidemic of cancer among farm workers?

  2. WARNING! My beloved darling dog Comet, died from Lymphoma. At the pet hospital, there were dozens and dozens of other dogs with Lymphoma!!!
    There is a connection between Roundup and Lymphoma. Roundup is being sprayed EVERYWHERE!!! …schools, public parks, shopping centers, homes, along roads and hwys, appartments, farms… EVERYWHERE!
    Monsanto KILLED my Dog!
    Is YOUR dog safe?
    Are your children safe?

  3. "Smoking tobacco products does not cause cancer". 30 million dead humans believed that statement from both the tobacco companies and our own governments. "Roundup is safe and does not cause cancer in humans". This "truth" is also a lie, and people are still dying…

  4. Just about everything causes something or other to happen to somebody. In California, they label everything that could conceivably cause somebody somewhere to get cancer a carcinogen. One of those things being labelled a carcinogen is coffee. That's right, coffee is a carcinogen, apparently, in California. I guess it is, to somebody. Maybe I'm a goner. I've been drinking a liter of so of coffee every day for more than 40 years.

    Monsanto is the devil. Monsanto's the one and only biggest, baddest corporate devil in the whole wide world of the leftist asylum.

    OK. They're the devil incarnate.

    How do we feel about the green revolution?

    Would we prefer to go back and change history so that instead of eliminating starvation in most of the world, we just let countless millions starve to death?

  5. Whenever a corporation is found guilty of deliberately poisoning us and our land the only thing they get for punishment is a fine. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Sometimes not at all. If one of us did this we'd get several lifetimes in prison or we'd be executed. Also, with the exception of our recent smoking history, I don't think equating this with the choice to smoke cigarettes is a good comparison. Back in the day cigarette smoking was promoted everywhere and reps stood outside our high schools offering free packs that would express our "adulthood" or how "women" can even smoke now too. Smoking is an addiction. Many of us can't quit. The gov affiliated "pushers" are now infiltrating the once pure marijuana market, among other markets. The government has a choice to end excusing corporations with sometimes a mear smack on the hand…but they don't, because our politicians represent them and not us.

  6. Disinformation. Bribes. Death. Lies.Threats to protect the coverup. It's not "reactionary" but empirical to say BU$INE$$ A$ U$UAL at MON$ANTO and most corporations. Volkswagen, Dupont, Lockheed – name virtually any Big Corp in biz for a few years and you'll find REPEATED FELONY behavior that would get any individual put away for life – unless they've MANY MILLION$ for elite lawyer teams, of course. The pre-calculated "bad actor liabilities" get accounted against LIKELY profits over decades… and money is made this way for cynical quarterly profit shareholders that don't give a damn. This is the STANDARD sociopath mentality of Big Capitalism that will never even DECREASE until you get propagandising Big Donor govt Lobbies, loophole legal bribes, industrial favors to politicians – their henchmen and families etc to be FLATLY illegal. That's only a start of course.

  7. Up Beto! Up Pocahontas! Up Bern baby bern! Up drinkable healthy water! Down Spanky Bonespurs n he meretricious crew of billionaire worshipping putrefactionators!

  8. ONLY the IARC has come to this conclusion. NO other credible organization has.
    Glyphosate is less toxic than salt. Go learn something about chemistry and actual science before you continue to lie to the public.
    Democracy Now is full of s**t on this topic.

  9. And NO causation was presented to the jury because there isn't one.
    The jury was convinced by baseless fear, cherry picked emails, and pure bs.
    The appeal will tell the tale.
    Not to mention that the IARC report has been shown to be altered bs by Reuters itself. The IARC failed to take into account the massive Agricultural Health Study that followed 89,000 farm workers for years and concluded that "In this large, prospective cohort study, no association was apparent between glyphosate and any solid tumors or lymphoid malignancies overall, including NHL and its subtypes."
    The data remains clear and solid. These woman have FAILED to actually read through the data. All she is doing here is more smear on Ms. Blair and fails to address the results of the actual data. Additionally, the IARC itself won't release their bs before and after stories so wtf?

  10. "Fourty children killed in a U.S. backed Saudi bombing of a school bus."

    President Trump: "I had nothing to do with that."

    Did President Trump run on not bombing other countries? Didn't President Trump say he was not going to get involved in more foriegn wars?

  11. I'd like to see future plaintiffs' attornies introduce antitrust lawyers seeking demerges of such massive corporate abusers. There is a field of potential stockholders' lawsuits too if one follows the corporate deregulation incest with congress.

  12. They (Monsanto) were brainwashing children en mass with the help of the Pied Piper himself , Walt Disney. Anyone that was 'lucky' enough to visit Disneyland in Orange County CA. in the 1960's-1970's will remember the 'E' ticket Monsanto ride. Also Disneyland was an experimental surveillance lab for unknown government agencies in that same time period. Walt Disney hated 'Hippies' and believed America would turn 'red'.

  13. only slightly off-topic…..look who 'sponsored' this study >>
    …reports grants from Reckitt Benckiser outside the submitted work.
    Cigarette smoking during substance use disorder treatment: Secondary outcomes from a National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network study >>
    look at [search] reckitt benckiser naltrexone

  14. Not a peep about the toxins they're spraying on forests or it likely being the cause of these forest fire or the complicit universities and science institutions that won't fund or publish research about these poisons for fear of losing their grants which have become the way these bad actors bribe other bad actors in the academia.

  15. We need to FULLY TAKE DOWN MONSANTO! Q: How much money do they have left? Q: How quickly can we stop production of their products? Q:How quickly can we recall and dispose of all BAYER MONSANTO items currently on store shelves?

  16. Wonder if this has something to do with Monsanto selling itself to Bayer? They saw it coming, and now the main corporation is a non US entity. I hope the sale is stopped and Monsanto litigated into oblivion.

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