1. How to make a passive income living in Bali: first of all, you will make passive income just not smoking weed in bali because the weed there SUCKS xD

  2. Tristan, it is so really good to see you doing well, mate. Man, you feel like a far distance brother to me. Your content on youtube was very influential in a time that I really could not use it to its potential. Now things are much worse. Im still self-operated in specialty lawn care and yard works and about start growing microgreens as well…

  3. Hey Tristan, WOW I loved this. And as Simon has already said, its so refreshing to have someone share advice, without pushing their product down your throat. Well done YOU on everything that you are doing. I love your presenting style and you have a great voice and sense of humour that keeps people engaged! Looking forward to your next one! 🙂

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