How hard was quitting crystal methamphetamine for me? 7 years sober from this dangerous substance

In this video, an addict with 7 years of sobriety shares how hard it was to quit crystal methamphetamine. Help Support This Channel: New …


  1. I love your vids, even though your not talking about tobacco i slighty relate cause im trying to stop but i keep having dreams about it and seeing you 5 years sober gives me hope that i could quit cigs

  2. this guy has explained this perfectly. i've always tried to understand why people give up everything for something that destroys them. rewiring your brain changes who you are.

  3. Thank you much for making this. My dad was addicted to meth and left his family to use it. I'm 17 and his children go down to 6. Now I understand why it was so hard for him to quit. He goes to rehab for a year at the end of August.

  4. Man this is horrible, im glad ive never tried it and i too would consider not being in a room where someone does meth after hearing about this. I have a hard time quitting alcohol. Its mostly when ive worked really hard at something, its just the best reward to chill with a few beers aslong as it is a small dose. Im a black out drinker. Your videos are about as interesting as Thoughty2's videos and that is a good score!

  5. I can fully relate to what you are experiencing in terms of thoughts and dreams of using the compound again.. Maybe not as long being clean as I've been clean for one year now but the thoughts I have I trying to get that feeling again does my head in.. But I remember how much I lost from the drug not just physically, mentally but also the friends and family that have been lost or have a weak relationship due to the decisions I made.. But I've accepted that I will never touch shit ever again which is for the better good.. Well done for keeping clean and don't give in to the thoughts.. Your content and honesty will help people with your perspective. Keep up the good work my man

  6. My son is on meth and i no very little about drugs. Thanks for making these videos bc they are extremely helpful to someone like me. I love my son. Im afraid he's going to die. Im heart broken. He's in jail rn but he'll be out soon knocking on my door needin a place to crash…😓

  7. Wish you the best man from the bottom of my heart. On a previous video you said that you felt like Superman when using meth but I would say that you're already like Superman for overcoming the addiction

  8. Have a question, when you stopped using (or anyone you know) could you hear your movements? Like when you turn your head did it seem like you was in a cartoon?

  9. I hated meth, im a heroin addict tho. Started with oxy. If u think meth is hard to kick, try kicking a 2 year strong heroin habit. Fucking impossible. I had like half a gram of meth i was given by mistake instead of dope. I did a lil bit of it hated it every time and flushed most of it down the toilet. Heroin on the other hand…. forget about it.

  10. For real brother i am understand everything you said every word i feel it with my heart i pray for you brother because now I'm in so much fuckin pain that you understand i pray for you brother

  11. Having struggled with addiction since 12, I haven’t ever related to something so well in my life. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through this, stay strong, stay safe ❤️

  12. Hi man. Been following your videos for a while and i can totally relate. My Drug of choice is opiates that ive been trying to quit now for 1.5 years. Mostly painkillers (never heroin), and i live in a country where i would fuck up my whole future (like im not doing that already) if i get engaged in a Suboxone program. So my months have been (for over a year) like this: Pop a suboxone, use it for 2 days, go through the physical withdrawal (its like 3-5 days since im only using so little) and then at day 10-14 i get so depressed, nothing in my life feels right, nothing is fun etc – feelings you can probably relate to.

    My question is if you have any advice on how to handle the mental part (i guess i can relate in some way to opiates exactly how u describe ur relation to meth). I get feelings and thoughts like ”Will i stay like this forever? – probably yes” etc and i end up scoring again just to feel 2 days of joy. Fucked up i know. Any advice would do my day!.

  13. The reason I can never say I wouldn’t touch Meth again is because, if total anarchy broke out and it was martial law, Meth would be an absolute must for my survival kit. Meth is naturally addictive because it enhances your focus and sociability immensely at the cost of sleep, anorexia, your skin, your inhibitions, and your hygiene.

  14. I'm 3 years clean and still have horrible days at times. Days where I think about it. I usually immediately change my thought process and think of something else. I think just like you do feel the same. I don't go around anyone using I know I probably wouldn't be strong enough to say "No"… It took me 2 years to get my daughter back and have a home. I've noticed in my recovery I stay to myself don't venture to far from home because it feels like a safety net and I know I can't use if I'm home.

  15. Here I am NOT on anything…. trying to change my eating habbits. Sometimes I think Oh it is so hard but your videos made me realise that me trying to quit junk food and eat healthy is way easier than your struggles….. my temptations must not nearly be as bad as your temptations. My problem is actually a lot smaller than yours and my weight goal is achievable. Thankyou for inspiration. Thankyou very much…..

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