Cannabis Plant Progress Shock Wave

THE BINGUS YOUTUBE CHANNEL is Intended for Educational Purposes and Documentary of Legal Medical Cannabis Growing and Increased Cannabis …


  1. LOL Love the closing!! Plants looking great Bingus. It would seem to me the flushing of plants in the Hempy buckets are super quick to drain therefore you can put tons of water through them quickly. I like it nice job!!

  2. This is a suggestion I would do some investigation into this thing called a Roku and get one then download this thing called weed don't want to get no one in trouble or have this conversation missed represented of promoting anything or making any other climbers it is just a suggestion or something to be looked into

  3. Suggestion I think all the Grove Channel shouldn't unite as one so at least you guys can keep broadcasting your information there is nothing wrong with information everybody is going to end take what they want and give suggestions and a lot of the stuff you guys talked about is just like going to school for a horticulture class

  4. I would like to see you guys stick around for a good while so this is a suggestion me to watch Grove tube they are giving out a lot of information about channels that are going down not trying to cause any problems or alarm anybody but I like your guys's Channel so I'm just giving some suggestions so I can keep watching you guys

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