1. What a wicked law….a law based on prejudice and ignorance….the UK government needs to start treating it's electorate like adults. We need to base our laws on evidence. I've used it for 30years both medically and recreationally, I should not be made a criminal because of this.

  2. This country has no values to our children, abuse by eminent celebs,stuffy out of date politics and those that deliver them,this poor child is not alone millions could have a better life with just one plant.
    Its all about mps who have large shares in drug companys lets say there little retirement nest eggs.
    We have had CRAP on this plant because the USA years ago producing some bull reason to out law it, oh cotton wars instead of hemp etc etc now there ok with it and happy to take the tax.
    why are we held over because something the USA put forward.
    if they took a crap we go wipe there bums. sick to my teeth of this old and out dated form of running the country lets admit they cant even do that right.
    most Mps are above the age of fifty years old and full of out of date ideals this is not the Vctorian era but some Mps still carry that periods way of thinking.

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