What Is The Most Dangerous Drug In The World? ft. In A Nutshell (Kurzgesagt)

From drug overdose to the war on drugs, what’s most deadly? Check out In A Nutshell (Kurzgesagt) “Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money For …


  1. Overdose of heroin is a lot of the time due to users gaining a tolerance, going clean for a while, then going back to using at the dosage that they had previously been using.

    They had tolerance for that dosage in the past, but they forget that because they quit for a while, this reset their tolerance to zero so the amount that they were previously using is too much and causes an overdose.

  2. Was i.v. heroin and cocaine addict for 8 years aka speedballs. In and out of jails and rehabs. 12 overdoses. Ruined every relationship I've had. Sober for just over 5 months now and working on building my life back.

  3. Fentanyl is almost never used as a recreational drug. There is little 'high' to be had which makes it not sought after. It is however extremely cheap (largely imported from China), which is why it is cut into other drugs as a way to decrease costs for illegal drug supplies. It's addictive to boot, which often means more repeat sales of product that has been illicitly cut with Fentanyl.

    Decriminalization is also not a solution to every problem, it's not even a solution in and of itself. It needs to come hand in hand with cultural shifts and several other policy changes to health centred and drug education. I'm honestly sad to see a lot of these pop science channels (though I guess it is unsurprising) to have fundamental misunderstandings about things that touch on politics and take a left-leaning approach rather than appropriately address the issue.

  4. I was about to say before he said it himself… it’s not like alcohol would case me more harm than heroin, quite the opposite in fact. It’s that alcohol is so widely used. If everybody who drank decided to use heroin instead, the world would be a MUCH worse place… so I don’t understand, was this point of this study to find which drug has hard a larger overall negative impact on the world? Or a larger impact on one single individual? Sorry if that was confusing, it’s hard to put to words what I’m thinking

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