US states that will vote on marijuana legalization in 2018

Marijuana legalization advocates may find several victories in 2018 with expansions in marijuana policy. At least 12 states are poised to consider marijuana …


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  2. Ohio had Issue 3 in 2015 which failed 64% to 36%. The problem was even the pro marijuana legalization people didn't want the monopoly it entailed that would have limited grow sites and would stand to profit the biggest investors. A new initiative Ohio is trying to come up with won't be about profit and monopolies. I was somewhat surprised that pro legalization advocates turned down Issue 3 to wait for a better offer to come. That takes a lot of patience I guess.

  3. If only users vote yes no states could ever pass rec, its a tiny minority. Its the dummies that think they will benefit off tax revs that they dont have to pay directly that got rec passed in most states that put it on ballot. Anyone that votes yes to retail rec supports big gov. The idea is to make gov smaller, dummies.

  4. So Keep in mind The " M " Word Is The new " N " Word Call it what it really is As I said Marijuana is a wild tobacco plant & has nothing to do with Hemp By Calling it " THE M " Word is Just how anslinger made this Plant illegal in the 1St Place , GOT IT ? If Not Look it up ! You all have been Bull shitted long as my Prick !

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