Uk Outdoor Grow 2018 – Pre Flower Stretch

Hey everyone, this is just a look around my outdoor site to give you a view of how things are growing on up there. I recorded this before the supercropping video …


  1. SMOKIN!
    Its like Im there brother….lol… I so loved my younger years of gorilla growing I called it, this does me good my friend…its nice that I get to see and I dont have to pick the stick tights or bugs off my pants and me! and Im perfectly hydrated at home…LOL! Nice man, I do appreciate what you do bro, for sure….it is work….but fine job brother…like…..stay hydrated friend.

  2. Looks amazing…. what kind of yield would u expect from one of the smaller cuttings? I ask because ive a feeling it will yield roughly the sane as mine due to the bushynss… i could be wrong however… but if i expect the worst and get way better that wpuld make me happier than overestimimating and hetting less…

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