True Facts About Crack Cocaine – Crack Cocaïne vs Powder Cocaine

True facts about crack cocaïne. Crack cocaine is a highly addictive and powerful stimulant that is derived from powdered cocaine using a simple conversion …


  1. Live in a small town in scotland, crack doing the rounds. So sad if you guys saw the destruction it causes to the self and anyone close to you. No one mentions the high rate suicide that runs along with cocaine/crack cocaine.Debt, self respect out the window. If cracks looking like the best option to get you by, somethings not right. Please seek support theres a life out there waiting for you, long road and tough times but cant be tougher than the way your living ❤❤X

  2. Life is about experience . I will never do it again and I do not condone you do it . But for 2 months till things got out of hand I had a bast . I have no desire to do it now but this vid brings back some crazy memories . America is full of lost assholes . That is why drugs are the culture . The family is destroyed

  3. Never try it. It will ruin your life and ruin ur soul. After you experience it all the other things that use to make u happy in life will no longer make u happy anymore. It will completley change your life for the worst. And like I said it will take your soul and will most likely be doing it for the rest of your life. And the worst part about it is u will be broke and u want have a future but you just don't care and that's the fuxked up part.

  4. most of this is bollocks, what people in the world use those slang names i mean seriously, its like when talk to frank calls laughing gas hippie crack! also its not addictive to a living person after one use! ( as in no one in history has became addicted after one go) more then 2% of addicts are crack addicts although crack doesn’t really have a withdraw when your addicted your head just shouts at you constantly to get some more, America must get shit crack because that seems to be the only place getting yellow crack and lastly id say 60% of people smoke it and 40% inject it and before someone tells me you cant inject it you can only inject cocaine hcl, you have not been around users because more people who take it inject it with there heroin normally adding citric acid to cook it with so some converts back to the hcl form and this is all from first hand experience ( not wiki and biased government sources) ive been around users alot of my life and im only 18 and i have to correct this video which should have proper information! one last thing, crack on straight 10s is the exact same price as cocaine and infact gets cheaper the more you get in comparison to cocaine!
    not trying to come of as a dick but just saying so for future reference if you make anymore of these please do better research that isnt warped statistics that use huge averages so it says like in the uk people pay £7.56 for 1 gram of cannabis etc anyway nice effort put into the video!

  5. cracks just as addictive as coc, if your willing to try cocaine you should try crack just once, its amazing for 10 mins, the taste the ritual the look, the effect is great it gets such bad press, i have used crack and heroin on and off for a year and i dont have a habit, i can go weeks without using it, it becomes so addictive when people are using it to escape from something.. you can use it once and never again its all about self restraint not using something that gives you a great feeling

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