The One Bin To Rule Them All! (Camping / Overlanding Gear in a single tub)

The LLOD Camping Checklist and tips – Code “LLOD” will save you 25% off over at Vertx Commuter XL Sling …


  1. the video is sweet good tips i do disagree with the more traction with shoes I always find my self taking off the shoes on loose hills or dirt covered rocks . i feel like it jurist gives you more control

  2. I have five of these- three are full of cases of 5.56, the other two full of cases of 9mm. Grossly exceeding the recommended weight limit and still holding together great. Works well for stackable ammo long term storage if you don't want so many of the smaller awesome MTM ammo boxes.

  3. Hey Mike I’m curious as to which part of Colorado you live in that has access to so many trails and whatnot. Where’s a good city/area to live there if you want to be near as many trails as you are??

  4. Crocs are the most comfortable, convenient shoes in the world hands down! However I am like you. I wear them similar to slippers. Around the house in the yard and camping that's it. I never wear them out anywhere other than that. Again until anyone tries them you can't say anything. Be man enough to try them and use them at home but smart enough to not wear them away from home.

  5. Super informative man! I'm just starting into Overlanding myself, after watching your videos and listening to Fieldcraft Survival Podcasts, and I'm definitely going to be adding something like this to my jeep! I'm gonna probably keep all of this in my vehicle at all times, because my jeep is not only my overland vehicle, but my DD. I guess it's the boy scout in me always wanting to be prepared, and should the arise to venture to my BOL, or I break down (knock on wood hadn't happened) I have gear to help survive.

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