The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast – Marijuana

In this episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana discuss the controversial issue of marijuana. Both sides of the issue have strong …


  1. There is a complete lack of information and understanding being espoused here regarding how many different people with many different ailments have a much better quality of life with marijuana in their lives. Out of the gate, the Amens are clearly against it, seemingly from ignorance and traumatic reasons. That sucks. I've learned a lot from you guys but the pros far outweigh the cons with medical marijuana and it appears that you guys are doing a disservice to anyone that's a client of yours or that watches your videos or listens to your podcasts. Shame on both of you. On this issue it appears you are sticking your heads in the sand. Btw, your examples of the negatives are the exceptions to the rule.

  2. They were on the marijuana…right…grow the fuck up. Alcohol is a far greater danger than cannabis. FACT. So tired of hearing the ongoing discussion about the dangers (yawn) of using marijuana. There are over 25,000 documents related to the study of marijuana coming out of the scientific and medical community. How many papers studies on other approved drugs? Well lets look at the drug adderal (very addictive and dangerous drug). Less than three hundred. Slowly losing faith in our medical community and Congressmen. These folks along with the DEA and the FDA, ect…can't seem to follow the advice of the very studies they themselves have requested. Your supposed "ALTERNATIVE" to marijuana will ultimately become another chemically altered drug from our "friends" in BigPharma (who have helped us so much with their other highly addictive and dangerous drugs). Also your talking points are a joke. A boy came for a brain scan…okay. Then you isolated him from his parents…questionable. Finally you asked him why his brain looked "toxic" where he replied, "Because I smoke marijuana"…FUCKING REDICULOUS! The prohibtion of marijuana will end and the reefer madness rhetoric will only live on in our memories as what it is. A lie.

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