The best grow light 2018 – HID CFL & LED compared

We show you the best and worst grow lights available on the market today. Each light has been tested in reflective grow environment …


  1. Hey, can you try testing the autocob 3500 by the cobshop?
    I've been seeing this light circle around local growers.
    But I haven't really seen anyone test out the readings.
    Well, give it some thought

  2. @MIGRO … Have you by chance tested the Perfect Sun LED lights? If yes, can you share the results of your tests please? Love your content by the way. Thumbs up all the way.

  3. Most important you need to grow tomatoes using your lights, as an example, to show us the results. By shooting numbers you will not get very far. If you have the least interest for going very far please let us know now.

  4. Very good and helpful. I just wish you would show par 12' over the sensor. And price for every lamp. Because there are big gabs between them.

  5. What is the difference between reflective LED lights vs reflective LED lights. Is it that it doesn't reflect off of surfaces like mylar or something similar or make a difference.

  6. Hello Shane, love the videos. You are so honest in portraying and testing all lights. I have a request, could you review the dormgrow G8 led, have been awarded several years in high times magazine. And also the high end light from heliospectra?

  7. Putting me to sleep! Have b role of the lights running along with product shots while you narrate. Did you really take the time to make that board and labels? Have subtitles to label the lights with a bit of music. Tighten up with editing. Way too long and boring.

  8. Nice video. We have now lm301b Samsung chips which were on the HGL Quantumboards V2. And they promise much PAR output than the LM561C (Which the 4th one on your toplist use)
    Would be cool if you do a PAR test. In internet there are PAR tests about QB but the differ all each other. Would like to see your test in the same environment like the others were tested.
    By the way. You have the ability to buy from Alibaba Quantum board much cheaper than at HGL. And you an also customise the board like your whish. E.G. you can say you want some UV or IR chips on the board, they will add them for a small $. I comparing since 4 years these led lights. And for what i have heard and read they must be the most bang for buck, also cheap and have the best heatefficiency(distribution). You even dont need a ventilation for the heatsinks. So to say, they were running silent. A lot of positives as you can see. What are your opinions? Cheers.

  9. I thought when I clicked on this video it was an unbiased review. Until he got into the “drum roll” top tier lights, then Migro was in there. Never heard of them until today, went to the website, and “The best lights of 2018” pic was taken in the same room as this review. LMAO.

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