Stone Cold Steve Austin on WHY he Quit Chewing Tobacco

Stone Cold Steve Austin is back with a shoot interview. This time, Austin shoots on why he quit chewing tobacco, and gets a little emotional remembering the sad …


  1. i dipped and smoked for 4 years. Ended up with thyroid cancer in 2016, when I graduated college. Whenever I get an urge, I do one hundred pushups to this video, and remind myself why the rush is not worth it. Thanks Steve.

  2. I loved the video. But modern day snus and dip are a LOT safer than they were back in the day. Many new studies find very few deaths attributable to smokeless tobacco

  3. Austin could've made this a quick story, but he made it longer and better by including very personal details and "his truth". It's not like I'm not even needing this advice. I don't dip. Yet I still appreciate that he told his story his way. I'm happy that somebody else who identifies with Stone Cold and needs to hear it may hear it and be helped by it. The world thanks you, Steve Austin.

  4. I gut chew why waste what cost so much, I been chewing for quite a while. There are only a few people that I have come across that gut it but it's just natural. It's nasty spitting into a cup or something.

  5. This is back when real men ruled wrestling. Not this pussy ass wwe. Bullshit!! We need more men like Austin the rock. Goldberg. We need more real men not only in entertainment but in homes schools and churches.

  6. I don't think this faggot spit any tobacco. Why? Because they make spitting patoons!! Patoons that prevent spillige!! And spitting tobacoo doesn't cause mouth cancer! fruit cake lier!!! Why doesn't he talk about the drug called STEROIDS!!!, This guy is so full of shit!!!!

  7. A friend offered me a dip of skoal my freshman year of college. From there, I was hooked and chewed 5 to 6 hours every day. I would even chew when doing physical activities, such as lifting weights. The last year I chewed I was probably up to 8 hours per day. Two nights straight I began vomiting very badly toward the end of the day. I was literally getting nicotine poison. This finally gave me the willpower to stop, but it was hell for a good 10 months to a year. I got in my car several times to go get a can and would talk myself out of it on the way. I chewed for roughly 11 damn years and thankfully still have my teeth. I have never been a smoker, but I have never heard smokers who had as much trouble quitting as those who dipped tobacco.

  8. I’m 25 days off dipping.
    I would use to go through an entire juul pod, two cans of a dip and one cigar per day!
    I did it cold turkey and the withdrawals were worse than when I quit painkillers two years ago. It was two and a half weeks of pure hell. Terrible brain fog, panic attacks, severe anger and horrible insomnia but I’m starting to get back to normal and I’m damn proud of myself for kicking this terrible habit.

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