Small outdoor weed/cannabis grow Setting up the trellis.

Here’s the link if anyone is interested in the 4″ green trellis nets…. Thanks for stopping in have a good Night . Peace!! $9 & You get it faster ..took 6 days from …


  1. I'm in ur state, I have a pineapple express… 3 months old and it's 6 foot tall bush you are correct they explode with growth. I wanna upload video but I'm still have ptsd from it being illegal. I have to keep telling myself calm down at every plane flying over because it's legal… that said I keep mine hidden and caged! God damn woodchuck and chipmonks raped my tomatoes and peppers and egg plants some keep my weed very very hidden from the animals and well caged… try caging a six foot tall and growing behemoth! It's not fun! CONSTANTLY cutting cage and making it wider and taller.. had to dig the cage into ground 1 foot.. I worry about deer so I piled to much heavy brush around it…

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