Right To Try, Cannabis?: Is this Big Pharma Bill to Nullify the FDA Good for Medical Marijuana?

President Donald Trump is set to sign the Big Pharma Trojan Horse known as the Right To Try Act of 2018 that has been passed by both the Senate and HOR …


  1. This is getting ridiculous. Everyday, every week, and every second passes with more people knowing cannabis is essentially harmless and yet it's stigmatized from people who aren't educated on what it actually does. I mean what gives???!!!

  2. Thank you, President Trump, for allowing us more American dignity and Freedom, irrespective of the Ameriphobes of big Insurance and the Agenda 21 ideology of the Obama weaponized FDA. A great 1st step, we hope for more.

  3. This is an epic idea I use cannabis I have epilepsy it is the only thing that works for me but what people don’t know is to help the terminally ill with cannabis you also have to change their diet a lot of the reason people are mentally ill is because of stimulants artificial sugar monosodium glutamate wheat rye and barley and candida the reason you must remove all of this these are triggers for the disease to spread for the illness to keep you ill. A lot of the medications from pharmaceutical companies and the FDA contain chemicals known to affect the nervous system which affects hormone production in the hypothalamus when you interfere with the hormone production in the hypothalamus you create a toxic environment and affect the nervous system which keeps you sick I am on cannabis vegetables meat. I even have to a void fruit because fruit is sugar and it stimulates candida is the number one reason for mental illness and epilepsy issues and number two is stimulant overdose or better known as dopamine overdose by removing all of this you remove psychosis epilepsy paranoia anxiety paranoid schizophrenia schizophrenia bipolar disorder and the end result if you do not remove this stuff is Parkinson’s disease this function of the reward system in the brain. This is a true story and candida is what cancer is caused from and candida hijacks the immune system shutting it down so you can’t defend yourself against a disease that might be trying to take over your body. I can break it down even easier for you remove stimulants sugar allergy foods candida. You will see people come back to reality the only thing you need to do and stabilize the with drawls from all of these foods so that they can stabilize their dopamine noradrenaline. Histamines and serotonin levels which can all be affected by this recipe I’m the real deal spent 16 years studying this for my own personal health but it works so well I’ve actually helped others get better never go back to this recipe because you’re pre-disposed and it will bring you back to an illness something no one ever told you. Never put someone on stimulants that suffers from mental health issues it will cause a whole list of mental and physical health problems. Unfortunately we live in a world where everyone is trying to put everyone on stimulants saying that is how you treat mental health issues what they are doing is causing autism from dopamine overdose the FDA is a joke and the fact that you all buy into letting them put chemicals and ingredients in your food that is known to make you sick and you eat it blows my mind. Artificial flavors and sugars is like doing cocaine. Monosodium glutamate is a excitotoxin which overstimulates brain cells and causes brain cell death it would also trigger mental health issues because of that the world is overstimulated and this is why they cure for mental health is treating them for epilepsy and removing candida good luck to everyone. Cannabis is the best medicine for the nervous system and it is not dangerous. Never trust people who tell you that what they are giving you is good for you when you know for a fact it causes health problems and is very toxic with chemicals that your body does not know how to deal with cannabis will save the world and everyone who don’t like it are the people making you sick wish everyone the best out here helping those who need real help.

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