1. I believe recreational is fine but the edibles and dabs are a little much. Also weed isn't so dangerous when you drive if your a casual user, but depends on how much you smoke, how it effects you, usually wont become an issue with tolerance. believe weed doesn't make everyone stupid, actually I just think a lot of stupid people smoke weed, mainly because me and my brother have smoked weed for years and we have always made straight A's on our grades. it actually helped us with learning a lot. also weed should be legal if it drives people away from tobacco or alcohol which is more addictive and worse for you, I get you said you don't like the idea, I think alcohol should be illegal because it's definitely more of a drug than weed, people are going to make stupid choices regardless, why force them to do something that's potentially worse for them. weed should be legal in my opinion recreationally. this is dumb for people to be scared about it, it's so much more safer than everything else, criminalization should be an invasion of human rights. But I still liked the video because you made some good points which I agreed with, one of which was when you stated that people should do other things to relax and relieve their stress. I like to garden and I consider that one of my main stress relievers, but still I'm pro-recreational all the way, just as long as they do things safely and responsibile.

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