Pit Bull Beat Cancer with Cannabis Oil.

This was shot March 14, 2017. Two years after the vet said Shorty had 8 weeks to live bc of lymphoma. She is still here thanks to cannabis oil from my girl was …


  1. These dogs ain’t pit bull terriers they are mutt mix bull dog bully type dogs mixes the genuine pit bull terriers are game bred they come in different quality levels these mutt dogs in the video seem fat like they neutered spayed lol prob rescued dogs the spaying neutering removes 3 vital hormones which causes health problems cancers some aggression it removes that work drive testosterone for dogs to work work it’s more money for the vets so dog owners will be at the vets often to don’t neuter spay oh and genuine pit bull terriers do not come in blue grey Merle tri colours those dogs are mutt cross mix bully bull dog staffy Mastiff bandog amstaff cross fake look a likes lol

  2. Hi tino .I had a few pet parent questions for you bc our faye was diagnosis exactly as shorty same diagnosis same death sentence and now it amazing what's happening since starting this regimen !
    Faye is actually smiling and doing much better. Still tiosion to claim however so many positive over the last couple days I can't see a bad ending here right now .
    Anyway to email you to ask a couple questions ?

    Thank you tammy

  3. Hey man. Great great stuf and great work you do. My Bulldog was diagnosed with a tumor this week and have already reached out to King Harvest. Question about the Dog Cancer Survival Guide book fr Dr. Dressler; I actually purchased before finding your videos on Shorty. Did you follow the diet with all the ingredients as Dr Dressler laid out? Thanks.

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