People are using bug spray to get high and it’s really dangerous

In a state where drug overdoses continue to rise, people are finding new ways to get high and emergency crews are warning about one of the latest dangerous …


  1. this happened to me once! I was spraying that Black Flag bug spray in my old apartment because of a fruit fly infestation and I must have sprayed too much because after I had let it air out and gone to bed for the night, the next morning, I woke up feeling dizzy and faint and walking around my apartment feeling like the room was spinning. Needless to say after I managed to stagger into the kitchen for a glass of water and my anti seizure meds, I needed to lay down so I went back to bed. I never bought Black Flag after that.

  2. Just like the Tide pod bs, they PROMOTING the harmful usage of bugs spray. The average (and below-average) person wouldn't even think to do this. It's like they are putting this "news" out before they introduce a new drug to the masses for cheap.

  3. Why not show more detailed instructions so kids can watch this and figure it out for themselves. I swear I think the news knows damn well what they are doing – how to insure further headlines !

  4. Talking about katie zombie?! KD is some dumb shit it'll get worse because this is obtainable to everyone. Mary Jane runs deep and no one will stop the smoke train because the government depends on it lmao.

  5. Better ban bug spray now and sue them!! I hope more people see this and start doing it and then O.D and die, get rid of some of the idiots this overpopulated earth is trying to sustain.

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