1. Hello Doctor.

    i need to ask that my BMI rate is lower, and i am addicted to Marijuana. what would you suggest me as medication? i am overweight at the same time i am weaken now. i want to increase body not mass.

    Thank you

  2. So how can someone eat 600calories more than usual and not get fat🤔 this fake lab coat wearing unlicensed scientist tells lies and simply regurgitates things she's read on Google and Wikipedia without any actual case studies of her own

  3. Hello, i have been smoking marijuana daily for over 2 yrs now. recently I have lost weight and become weak, for the past 2 months i have felt my heart beating to fast which didn't happen before, and not long ago i started having panic attacks after i smoke a joint. i feel as though i am going to have a heart attack or pass out every time i smoke now. i am stressed because of other things and i have passed out twice before. I need advice.

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