How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds ** 100% SUCCESS !! **

Here is how to germinate Cannabis Seeds the right way. And why you shouldn’t use a wet paper towel. Find the Greenhouse online: …


  1. Hello brilliant video!!. I have Just started to get into growing cannabis!! I'm 23 from the UK and have suffered from ADHD my hole life and I use cannabis as my medicine because the ADHD medicine my doctor give me makes me feel sick πŸ™ when I smoke cannabis it calms me down and makes me feel normal!!. I am Fed up of buying 0.8 of weed for Β£10 :/ I am now trying to learn how to grown my own medicine! I have managed to grow 3 successful crops! I still have a lot to learn but hopefully some day I can master it! Been around very big crops since I was around 6years old. My dream is to get a job in a country where it is legal to grow cannabis! Would love to work in a cannabis factory till I am old and gray !!.🍁 I also like to buy a lot of different strains of cannabis seeds!. If you happen to have any seeds laying about that you could spare I would be extremely happy and thankful ! I am willing to buy to add to my ever growing seed collection!. Thank you for your time! & happy growing guys!!. X

  2. the most understandable tutorial concerning the germination of cannabis seeds, thank you I already understand much more, but, it is necessary to place everything in which place so that the root leaves? in a place between 20 and 27 degrees yes, but in which place? in a cupboard or in a room not too lit in the open air it is good?
    and I would also like to know if for the growth it is necessary to put only light mix biobizz or one can mix it with all mix? half half in fact? ( it is a mark of compost if you do not know), and then the fertilizers for the plant are they necessarily obligatory? in the BIOBIZZ ALL MIX there are already fertilizers present in it that is why I ask
    I'm waiting for your answer:)

  3. Hello. Thank you so much for posting this. I used this method on Thursday afternoon to germinate 3 white widow auto feminized seeds. But its Sunday now and there is no sprout coming up yet. Did I do something wrong or is it possible it will sprout a little later? This is my very first time attempting to grow cannabis and these were my first 3 seeds. I would appreciate any tips you can give me on my seeds. Thank you again

  4. Habe mir unzΓ€hlige Videos und Artikel angeschaut, und es nun mit deiner Methode versucht. Ich hoffe so sehr dass das was wird, da die Samen sau teuer sind und ich knapp bei Kasse bin haha. PS. Man merkt dass du Deutsch bist πŸ™‚

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