Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia: The Synthetic Marijuana Steampunk Rock Opera

Hamilton Morris travels to New Zealand to meet the king pin of New Zealand’s legal highs crusading for his fading dream for future of drug control. WATCH …


  1. man that guy is messed up in the head ! he keep changing , now he is a lame writer or brithing cows , sum dumb shit , what a weirdo ! steampunk LMFAO !!!!! LOL LOL OL OL OL OLOLOLOLO

  2. 2:46, You say your businesses money goes back into the community for treatment and charity………you are one of the people making these garbage drugs. I would respect you more if you were growing excellent quality weed.

  3. The Vice channel is seriously making a mockery out of proper drug use with shit like this. Even their real herb shows and shit like this dudes show are corney man. Every real head knows whats up with all gear and if you aint one dont learn how to through some fucking hipster t.v. channel. Take the time to find the proper literature and the right people,take it seriously and you might just find your right path. P.S to ALL VICE executives, stop trying to make the precious art of Skateboarding look all outlandish. YOU HAVE GOT IT ALL WRONG.

  4. People that sell designer drugs to the masses put all kinds of toxic crap in them. People are buying Ecstasy that has everything but MDMA in it. The DEA can’t keep up with all the drugs these people are selling as other things. They don’t care if people die.

  5. Bunch of fascist  dictators  don't drink don't smoke don't do this don't do that just wait out side your door for the government slave bus to take you for your 16 hour job on the government plantation then give back that money in taxes and  whats left of your little free DUMB will be removed and you will be locked up with a murderer /

  6. had 12 mates die from this shit over here. beat up another 2 for sealing your better off snorting a line of rat poison smacking your self in the head with a brick and then jumping in a pit of lions in a sausage meat G-sting its nasty.

  7. The people who run the Chinese factories don't give a $*** about the safety of a chemical they create. They are simply taking advantage of loopholes in the laws to stay ahead of the ability of governments to test and classify a drug. All they care about is the money rolling in.

  8. this shit is absolute poison, as much as weed does really negatively affect people, and should be kept away from anyone under 25 for developmental reasons, its just so much safer than this stuff….. horrible…………..

  9. That guys heart is kinda in the right place, but he has everything ass backwards we don't need to use sketchy unregulated Chinese made chemicals as an alternative to meth, alcohol, and heroin. Weed is already a natural and less dangerous alternative that can't accidentally have 300x the active ingredient because some underpaid "chemist" had a slip of hand.

  10. what a fucking champ. the guy gets fucked over by an amoral and greedy industry giant and all he can say is “it’s all rock and roll.” his top priorities are his family and his goal.

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