Growing Pounds of Cannabis with 500 watts – Week8 flower – Right before Harvest

Glueberry OG#2 Has already been harvested 2 weeks ago. There are 7 other plants still to be harvested WestCoast Cannabiz (My other channel) …


  1. Man, this optic 2 I got is KILLIN it in veg bro! 5×5 (rotating) and hammer down no problem…1.5 inch of growth in a (18 hr) day here man….wow for real….no bs.
    Gonna light the fuse soon friend…AWESOME QUALITY LIGHTS mister….peace and ty friend.

  2. Nice going to have some nice buds to smoke no doubt that's the name of the game I veg with an LED 400 watt at the wall bloom HPS 750 watt setting on a light mover covers roughly 6 foot by 10 foot footprint whatever works the best for you to grow your tomatoes and cucumbers he he he

  3. How long do these LED cobs last before they burn out? is it worth vegging using cobs or is it better to stick to 3 or 5 watt leds for vegging instead?

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