Global Health News Episode #25 | Monsanto Landmark Lawsuit | Whole Foods GMO labeling policy

Are you still using Bayer Monsanto’s Roundup Weedkiller? If so, stop and watch this special holistic health news report! Join Ty and Charlene for this latest …


  1. Ty and Charlene, We have always wanted to reach out to you guys but just never took the time to do it …until now! My wife and I have been following you guys since the Truth About Cancer was first aired, it all started with the click of a mouse on an advertisement that we didn't think much of at first, we thought it was just another sales pitch for some stupid theory, then we watched the trailer……my oh my how our lives have changed!! We have been loyal customers and have purchased every docu series you have come out with to help support your mission the best we can, because we see the big picture. We are also loyal customers to the Organixx line… since the start when it was Epigenetic Labs. We, like you, have lost family members to Cancer, all before the series was released…If only we had access to this knowledge before! It has been almost 10 years now since the passing of my dad due to stage 4 lung cancer (or should I say the treatments)…from diagnosis to death in less than 2 months doing chemo and radiation…There has not been another family case of cancer since 2008…until now……we just found out last week that my niece was diagnosed with stage "0" cervical cancer…she is 31 and has a beautiful 1 year old daughter and a hard working and loving husband…Of course the doctors told her to schedule immediate surgery which is set for the 31st…I have recently had a heart to heart with her and have been introducing the information I have learned from watching your Truth About Cancer series… I told her to get a second opinion, and maybe a 3rd and 4th…She is scared and has never been "under the knife" before and now with this new info she has learned she is kind of overwhelmed with what to do…and the clock is ticking! We live in Minnesota and we do not have a primary care doctor since we never go and have no reason to go, but my Niece has always been a "by the book" person and doesn't know "who" to contact here in MN and we don't know any GOOD Holistic practices since we live in a rural area in northern MN. I realize you guys are extremely busy, but if you could maybe steer us in a good direction and let us know a good place to start for my Niece to get a second opinion and get some advise and words of encouragement it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance & Much love and peace! ~Chris

  2. 💖Thank you for all you do to help people to understand what is so that all together we can speak up and act (every dollar spent is a vote) in the best interests for a healthier human life for ourselves and all people/animal/plant/ecosystems on this beautiful earth.

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