GC101: Jack Herer Seed To Harvest Indoor Grow Tutorial

A complete breakdown of how my second attempt with the 3x3x6 grow tent setup went as well as a tutorial of everything I did for this grow. I started the grow …


  1. ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH WHAT TO DO. I'm very very fresh at growing haven't even started yet. Can you help me please? After germination, what type of soil should I use when the root comes out of the seed? Also, do I water the plant everyday like I should or no? explain to me on that one. Do I use the same soil through the grow cycle? I'm also going with the Gorilla Glue Auto Flower Feminized Seeds. DO i need to use fertilizers or nutrients? SO anything from you all's knowledge would help me start growing immediately. Thanks

  2. Very new. Getting ready to do my first grow. Actually doing JH (favorite strain) I notice in all your vids you mention "to keep the height low" if your tent is tall like 4 feet what is the benefit of keeping plant short? Thanks for great information

  3. Hey bro one more thing what you call regenerating is a big waist of time if you want more of the same weed take some cuttings to root just before you switch to flowering this way is more efficient than that old stressed out plant you just harvested.

  4. Hey Bro Flushing your plants two weeks before harvest is a must even if your weed is just for edibles . This allows the plant to use up it's nutrients and stored up sugars that will increase your yield. That plant you are trimming could have been in veg for another week and left to flower a week or two longer until half of the hairs or pistols turn color and wilt. Nice shit though keep up the good work.

  5. Just gonna let you know lmao your gnats didn’t happen from your soil being left outside, or from over watering (although you did over water to all hell I mean Jesus man wtf) you got gnats because you didn’t use hydro store soil. Hardware store soil, or outdoor soil, will always have bugs.

  6. Great video but just wanted to know could you not get a slightly better yield by leveling the main cola sites with the rest of the lower canopy and that would have allowed for more, even cola sites?

  7. How often do you feed nutrients during Veg and Flower stage? I see so many variations, ie. Once a week, the rest is ph balanced H2O . Some feed every time H2O is needed. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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