FDA Approves Drug Derived From Cannabis Oil: Here Comes Big Pharma

Via RT America: The FDA has announced it has approved a brand new drug derived from marijuana. Epi-Diolex is used to treat severe seizures and epilepsy.


  1. I’ve listened to Ring of Fire Radio for years when Mike Papantonio hosted with Robert Kennedy, Jr. I have a credibility problem when the program is produced by Russia Today . This is true of many progressive viewpoints (Thom Hartman’s show and The Young Turks are another example) that can’t a network to host their show that has not been implicated in devious hacking and attacks on our Democratic values. I’m at a disadvantage that I must defend before I can reference to the validity of a renown Civil Rights Attorney. Isn’t there another venue that will host the show instead of getting involved with a state owned news network know to spread propaganda? Al Jazeera is an example of a News organization that paid this price during the start of the War in Iraq that has since gained credibility among journalists worldwide. Russia Today (RT) has been caught attempting to inject the same misinformation that Fox is best known for and while I am a progressive, it negates my desire to reference progressive programming on RT. Please reconsider the effect of broadcasting under RT’s network. This is not the time to be dismissed when this administration has the American Voter in a constant state of Chaos.

  2. For Cannabidiol to work at its best for seisures and most other medical conditions, it needs a some THC in the mix for the full benefits of cannabidiol to work! It's called the entourage effect! Marijuana contains over 113 cannabinoids, over 200 terpenes, and hundreds of other chemical compounds. These compounds work together to produce a synergistic effect known as the entourage effect. Dr. Sanjay Gupta himself explains this in all the four "Weed" documentaries he's put out. Leave it up to Big Pharma to screw up a perfectly natural occurring perfect plant!

  3. The world health organization is trying to get CBD declassified, since there is no reason for it to be classified in the first place, I wish big pharma would just drop off the end of the earth for all the pain and suffering they have caused COUNTLESS people and their families. A whole plant extract, which may contain 100 or more cannabinoids and over 120 terpenes, (Turmeric contains terpenes) will never be matched in efficacy by any drug, anywhere ever. Big pharma is more or less equal to Monsanto when it comes to the money issue, people are using CBD to get off of all kinds of medications since its effects on the body is to drive all bodily systems towards homeostasis. People are being educated, seeing what it has done for countless chronic conditions. Nevermind the fact that Rick Simpson Oil has cured many stage IV cancer cases where the patient was sent home to hospice, that's something that we can't mention out loud, but we can certainly throw the evidence up on this comment page and let people decide for themselves if there is anything to it or not.

    Episode 188: She Successfully Treated Her 3 Different Cancers With Cannabis Oil

    Cannabis is curing my cancer now I want it legalized  https://youtu.be/_Zpli7sWZW4  

    Darren Miller is one of those people who have used this oil to cure his ‘incurable’ lung cancer, and managed to survive, and live against the odds.
    Initially, after his diagnosis, doctors informed him that he had a year to live, as he suffered from ‘inoperable incurable’ lung cancer.
    His treatment included chemotherapy, but he decided to also try his chances using cannabis oil, as he has read numerous success stories about its potential.
    Survival rates for lung cancer are incredibly low, with stage IA cancer survival rate at 50%, and for stage IV, only 1% of the patients manage to survive.
    Darren decided to move to California with his wife in order to be able to legally try the cannabis oil treatment.
    Only after 7 months, his cancer was gone! In an interview for the CBS News, he said:
    “Today, which is seven months later, they tell me I am completely cancer-free – not remission. I’ve cured my cancer. Now, am I giving credit to the cannabis oil? Absolutely. Am I giving credit to chemo? I would have to say yes, too. I did both.”
    His successful story made him want to help others in the similar position and set up his own cannabis oil treatment.

    She healed leukemia, sarcoma and stage IV cervical cancer:  https://youtu.be/Uc2-hjGiNFA

    Cannabis oil cured Stan Rutner's brain and lung cancer. Three minute video, complete with MRI's. https://youtu.be/hT8ryvvdSto  More at http://www.Cureyourowncancer.org

    Breast cancer cleared with cannabis oil, No Chemo or radiation:  https://youtu.be/8_AAfvNVuSc  

    Cannabis cured my cancer  (Brain cancer) https://youtu.be/LUsAgrrnB1A


    Dr. Confirms cannabis oil cures brain tumor and brain cancer  https://youtu.be/a6iba3sEUIg

    Rick Simpson Oil can cure cancer, Interview:  https://youtu.be/RMX4hl2dLlI  

    I secretly gave my son cannabis to save his life  This Morning https://youtu.be/qqvJOAV7oAc

    Amazing: Hemp oil cured man's stage IV pancreatic cancer (With medical records) https://youtu.be/vZN1-_lBaxo

    Debbie's story, stage IV lung cancer  https://youtu.be/38CmW83rCL4

    Dennis Hill on killing adenocarcinoma prostate cancer with cannabis extract https://youtu.be/WRJxauzFfNM
    After three months on two doses of cannabis extract daily, Dennis's adenocarcinoma of the prostate is gone. Another three months takes care of any remaining metastases and Dennis gets the all clear from his physician after only six months. He uses no other intervention.

    Prostate cancer patient symptom free after using cannabis oil.https://youtu.be/Xe8w0HkCn5I
    An interview between Werner Bruining of http://www.mediwiet.nl and a patient who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In the interview the patient describes how he used cannabis oil to combat his prostate cancer. For personal reasons, this patient refused surgery and opted for THC-containing cannabis oil instead. The patient has recently been diagnosed cancer free, suggesting cannabis oil actually cured cancer in this case.

    Sharon Kelly: Cannabis killed stage IV terminal lung cancer  https://youtu.be/IIw142jNoKw

    Dr. Christina Sanchez explains how cannabis kills cancer cells https://youtu.be/1miGzTwK28U   More at http://www.cureyourowncancer.org

    Doctor William Courtney on the benefits of raw cannabis  https://youtu.be/eRLVyGfGcZs   21 minute mark, father shrinks baby's brain tumor with cannabinoids

    How cannabis oil cures cancer   https://youtu.be/odle0-rC5c8

    Can cannabis oil reduce cancerous tumors   News Night https://youtu.be/U0-5JLykrVU

    Cannabis oil and stage IV primary liver cancer  https://youtu.be/_GFOlWMKquU

    50 year old man cures lung cancer with cannabis oil  https://youtu.be/QECCsfVBdR0

    The science of cannabis as a cancer cure Documentary  https://youtu.be/xh3try8n878

    Scientific explanation on how and why cannabis can cure cancer https://youtu.be/75FQKQOKvVM

    Harvard update on medical cannabis  https://youtu.be/gSOWGCPrEp0

  4. The FDA and DEA are trying to ban all natural cures for pain. Making it so everyone has to get a prescription for anything. This is crazy. Call your senator and tell them this is not acceptable. Call now this bill is in the house now. Call your senator immediately.

  5. A sh*t ton of patents the government bought up.. THEY KNEW.. so yeah, let’s get a Big Pharma DRUG knockoff instead of the real thing. As long as these bastards can make money, then FDA will approve… they don’t care. They need to just scrap this dumbass “schedule 1” bullsh*t altogether and focus on the REAL threatening Drugs.. but that won’t happen because of the massive legal repercussions jails all over would see and then eventual lawsuits for time, reputation, money, etc loss for people getting thrown in jail for “possession”, etc etc. so many threads that could unravel. That’s why the feds won’t change things

  6. Here comes the conspiracy theories!! The biggest joke regarding scheduling of drugs via C.S.A. is Marijuana is a schedule 1 meaning it has absolutely no medical uses and is highly dangerous and maybe very physically addictive. Yet there has never been a reported death contributed to Marijuana..EVER!! .. The worst schedule and the biggest SCAM is cocaine being a schedule 2 drug?? They use coke in minor surgery like Rhino-plasty.. How many.people have croaked from a coke O.D. or died.from 10/2ing the glass di¢k??? The only thing I'm concerned with regarding Mari-J is young people from 16-24 y.o. smoking it.. The human brain isn't fully "developed" till about 23-24 maybe older.. What kind of harm could an everyday weed smoker do to his brain during development??? Questions that need answers!

  7. Government wants to legalize mj/cannabis/hemp…. but only if they can figure out how to let crony capitalism and the pharmaceutical industry control it all and hoard all the profits for themselves.

  8. Kennedy voted to keep Row v wade, and trump is a moron, therefore he will go to pence to choose a person. Pence tried to enact a law that would force women to cremate and bury miscarried and aborted fetuses. He will most definitely tell trump to pick someone that would vote against Row v Wade. Next thing you know they will start saying blasphemy laws are constitutionally acceptable.

  9. so 50+ years of BULLSHIT saying POT has no medical benefits is down the toilet, and the 1st "FDA approved" drug is for exactly what 2000 years of chinese history has told the world. Big Pharma companies are Fucking Hypocrites.
    Marijuana is VERY unstable re mass production, the dug strength varies wildly, remember all those super strong pot strains from the 80/90's? that WAS DNA Modified strains being tested (ILLEGALLY) on the general populace, BIG PHARMA were desperate to "stabilize" a strain for production.
    Anyone who has ever tried to grow POT for a "high" knows you need to check EVERY plant EVERY day, as they can switch gender and ruin an entire crop. Females allowed to go to seed is USELESS for the THC content (but great for getting oil from the seed, which is what medical use tends to need).

  10. some day man dies spending a lifetime finding a cure  for cancer, pharma steals it deludes it and keeps it from saving mass numbers of lives so they make trillions with deluded product

  11. For the longest time, they tried to stop cannabis from being used for, well, anything. One of the many reasons it was wrongfully classified as schedule I which states "no currently accepted medical use", and it stayed that way for 22 years despite repeated petitions. Still, some states refuse to legalize it and some don't even legalize for medical use.
    Yellow journalists helped by stopping hemp.
    But hey, pharma says "Wait! Why are we fighting? We can make money off this!" Thanks pharma- you're the best! Ah well, I shouldn't complain too much, recreational marijuana is legal here… as long as they keep the grubby hands off that than… um… lost my train of thought. Man, I got the munchies…

  12. Ok. Here we go. I can see and hear it now…the tv ad of lawyers looking for clients getting a part of the big pharma settlement because users of their drugs suffered the growth of synthetic weed stones in their kidneys.

  13. Its all about the money…fat pharma wants a piece of the pie as cannabis oil shows promising results. But beware folks! If the cannabis oil they use is from GMO or synthetic it may do little to no benefit.

  14. WTF there are medical marijuana stores, I m in the process of getting my I'd for it. It is a process,but big pharma will get involved and rip off people. These places sell oil, eadables, buds you can buy what and how much you want. My orthopedic doctor will give me a script
    Corporate wants in, go figure.

  15. They should be sued seeing the F.D.A. is a federal agency their tests in making of a drug at a time when cannabis was against federal law. Say good bye to dispensaries soon to be F.D.A. controlled.

  16. Wow she butchered those pronunciations. People need to be educated about cannabis ("marijuana" is a propaganda term and should never be used to discuss the plant's medical benefits) and GW Pharma is going to be awful for small businesses trying to make waves in this industry. Big Pharma all over again with their patents.

  17. This does legitimize cannabis as being medically useful. Unfortunately, this is obviously a greed driven effort by pharmaceutical corporations to take away the grass roots, pun intended, control of the most useful plant on Earth. Not only pharmaceutical corporations, but petrochemical, textile, paper products, animal feed and here's something we don't hear about…  Cannabis seed is the world’s most nutritious natural food for humans. 
    It is second only to soya in protein content (at 33%) and has high complex carbohydrates content at about 34% it is also high in fiber. It contains all 20 known Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), the only natural life form in the world that does and this includes the 9 humans must have (they are Essential because our bodies cannot make or store them). It has Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, it contains more Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) (Linoleic (LA) and Linolenic acid (LNA) than any other plant, it has some zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and Sulphur and vitamins (including E) and enzymes. Don't worry, the seeds don't get you high.

  18. CBD should be given out for free to all americans.

    edit: THC/CBD has been used throughout human history. People knew about this so long ago, its not until the government made it illegal that stuff got screwed up. There are lots of other plants out there as well.

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