1. I bought the Stuff today..i have a test tomorow..i was laid off last week and to get into another company i have to take a test which was sprung on me..i have never had to before..im in the union and this is the first time i have had to but luckily the guy hiring called me today and lmk..I will let yas know tomorrow or when i get the results. I don't smoke often so I'm hoping for the best

  2. So would I be able to use the mega drink to try it out today and then get a home test and try it out … and then take the drink the next day or would that be to much for it to work lmk have a test tm

  3. Hey so I ended up buying the Detox Mega Clean (the amazon version for 20 dollars). Idk if that will work just as well as mega clean. Im 5'9 140 lbs and have been clean for about 10 days. What are my chances on passing?

  4. Does palo azul work for marijuana detox
    Please let me.know have test tomorrow at 4 30pm.should I drink Palo azul and use the mega clean im so nervous aint tryna go to jail this for probation.im a heavy smoke weugh about 230lbs. 5 8"tall

  5. Trust me u never know till u get the results some work some dont weed is the hardest to flush i had friends thats smoked right before the test and passed others took alot of drinks and failed

  6. Used the ProTox Extreme for drug screening. ABSOLUTE CRAP. I used the JumpStart pills the night before & drank literally a gallon of green tea. Ate oatmeal that morning & followed directions completely. Even called the ProTox phone number to make sure i was doing it all right. I charged every time i urinated & went to take test at the 3rd hour to make sure i was filtered well. FAILED! Gimmick CRAP. DON'T SCREW UP TOTE CHANCES TO GET THAT JOB WITH THIS BS. I'm so angry.

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